Video – Orang Bunian Flash Lite Game

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  1. Year 2008 Resolution -- Nazri :// Mysight Says:

    […] inside. expect Flashy things ya!. speaking of Flashy things, this one was made by Sabau and Allia, Orang Bunian – Flash Lite Game : Video Demonstration. later on there will be another thing but well, it’s a […]

  2. hijz Says:

    hello. mcm menarik saje. sy sokong industri mobile gaming. cume nak activate kat my phone susah sikit. ape kate buat version web boleh try.

  3. sabau Says:

    thnx hijz. Tapi setakat nie kami xkan releasekan lagi version utk web atau pun file yang boleh di download lagi sehingga pertandingan playyoo end. harap hijz dpt beri sokongan kepada kami.

  4. FML Brain » Blog Archive » Playyoo game: Orang bunian demo video Says:

    […] For those who cant play the game, ikhwan nazri already record a demonstration on Orang Bunian game. You can view the video uploaded by ikhwan nazri at Flavert Media Lab’s blog. this is the link for the post […]

  5. blog://Flavert Media Lab » Blog Archive » Hello 2009 & 1430 Hijrah :D Says:

    […] Orang Bunian #4 in Asia-Pacific, #11 in world – Playyoo International Flash Lite Game Competition […]

  6. y8 Says:

    Nice game, catching flying pancakes :d looking forward in playing it! thanks

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