Result for Playyoo Contest is out!

playooPlayyoo just announce the winners for playyoo contest. You can view top 20 games in playyoo on their .

Orang Bunian

didn’t manage to get to top 10. We just manage to get number 11. Anyway, it still a good achivement for us. 😉


Faisal Arbain

Subtitles, video and also audio options can be altered to suit, too


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1st Project Showcase

Assalamualaikum and peace be be upon you visitors. Hope you’re doing fine there. We’re doing pretty good here too :p

I receive a call last week form Mr Azmir from MDeC. They want to showcase one of our projects, namely for their showcase today. Aside from Al-Quran PSP, we’re allowed to also include several of our project into that showcase to be played at KL Sentral. So I decide to put a montage of Al-Quran PSP and also alongside it, that is that published during last Eid Ul Adha, which is made for and received positive response throughout the world in creating engaging Malaysian Local Content and lastly, our Case Study for Online Interactive Courseware. Speaking of which, lately we’ve made a prototype of an Online Interactive Courseware, which is highly suitable for Online Learning. More about the Case Study later on on the next post.

So behold, Project Showcase #1 2008.

Well this is a youtube version. HD/Widescreen version available upon request.

Special Thanks to Mr Azmir and Mr Seow from MDeC for the opportunity given to us. We really, really really highly appreciate it. But the dream evaporated when she realized last year what her pension would be a

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Arabic Text in Flash CS3

When Flavert Media Lab started developing al-Quran for PSP in end of 2006, we tried to import Arabic text into the application to optimize the file size. At the end, we failed to get the solution and using JPEG images for the Arabic text. Recently, we learn that we can import the Arabic text (and other eastern text) into Flash CS3. In this tutorial we like to share how you can import Arabic text into your Flash project. We will need Adobe Flash CS3, Microsoft Office 2007 and Windows Wordpad.

Step 1

You need some Arabic text. In this tutorial, I copy the text from

Step 2

Paste the copied text into Windows Wordpad. You will notice that the Arabic text is in correct arrangement. ( I tried to paste the text directly in Microsoft Office, however the text is not in correct arrangement). Then, save the file in *.RTF format.

Step 3

Open your Microsoft Office 2007, and open the saved file. You will notice that the Arabic text is in correct arrangement. You need to set the styles, align , color etc that you want your Arabic text look like in Flash. Then, select all and copy the text.

Step 4

Open your Flash and create new FLA. Then you just press CTRL+V to paste the text. The Arabic text will paste correctly in the FLA. If you double clicking the pasted text, you will notice that the text is in shape format.

I tried to use Microsoft Office 2003 for the process, but it doesn’t work. So, you really need Microsoft Office 2007 for this purpose. I not sure if this process can be use in previous Flash version. If some of you try this tutorial in different version of Microsoft Office or Flash, feel free to comment this post.

*You can import Arabic text into Illustrator CS3 using the same process.

-Faisal Arbain-

A third tier, awesome, is available for $39


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Apa sudah jadi dengan Flash?

Beberapa minggu lepas, semasa makan tengahari di Terminal Cyberjaya, saya dan sabau berkesempatan lunch bersama-sama KerisMelayu, salah seorang programmer. Dulu kenal kat forum sifoo. Sekarang beliau bekerja di MDeC. jadi masa makan tengahari tu, perbualan biasa kitorang hari hari bertukar kepada isu-isu antara programmer. Antara isu yang timbul adalah Flex dan juga Flash. Flex boleh create swf file tetapi limited pada programmer. Flash pula, memberikan peluang pada designer untuk membuat applikasi² artistik.

tetapi sejak kemunculan ActionScript 3, Flasher² yang bukan core programmer tersangkut. OOP adalah satu benda yang baru. Creative designer yang selama ini bermain dengan Flash dengan hanya mengubah dan memanipulasi sedikit code ActionScript 2 akan ketinggalan.

petikan dari

Why are we making it more difficult for non programmers to pick up actionscript and play with it? It used to be so easy for many types of designers/developers to open flash and instantly get a lot out of it. It seems like you have wanted to cater to the few that bitched about actionscripts non traditional programming format and not to the designers turned developers. Now we have gone into the AS3 days where we can’t code on buttons (which is fine for me but maybe hard for others) and we can hardly code on the timeline for that matter. We are needing to start hiring engineers almost to develop flash sites now because its become so complicated to understand this new programming language. I mean this is what made flash so amazing in the past. I went to art school and got a job doing flash. And in two years I could code great sites and simple games. Now I am able to do about anything in AS2 but moving to AS3 has been a huge leap cause OOP is a completely new concept. And I think it is for MANY non traditional developers and developers wanting to pickup a product like flash WAS.

Saya agak sedikit kecuakan gak. dah tengok AS3. agak memerlukan masa untuk migrate dan memahami. tapi melihat pada pattern sejak Flash 5, mungkin masih ada harapan buat designer untuk berkarya dan melakukan applikasi setanding programmer. ini teorinya

  • Flash 5 = masa mula mula memandai usik. Action Script 1.0
  • Flash 6 ( Flash MX ) = Interface baru.
  • Flash 7 ( Flash MX 2004 ) = Kemunculan Action Script 2.0
  • Flash 8 = Filter muncul. Flash Video Encoder. Juga Device Central
  • Flash 9 ( CS3 ) = Action Script 3.0 diperkenalkan

Jap lihat semula. tengok baik baik.

  • Flash 5 = designer
  • Flash 6 ( Flash MX ) = designer
  • Flash 7 ( Flash MX 2004 ) = programmer base sket.. dengan adenye AS2.
  • Flash 8 = designer
  • Flash 9 ( CS3 ) = programmer
  • Flash 10 ( CS4) === designer???

So Flash CS4 mungkin untuk designer. Berikut adalah petikan dari blog .

Now back to the question. Flash CS4 is clearly aimed at the interactive designer crowd and will contain such things as a completely revamped timeline and a brand new animation engine. All I can say is that auto-keyframing is finally here! Adobe has demoed a lot the new features at conferences such as MAX and FITC so I won’t rehash everything here. But if you are a designer, Flash CS4 will blow your mind.

Masa tu.. flow kerja akan bertambah² efektif… kot. Apa komen anda? Tapi satu yang saya tahu. Flash ini tiada penghujungnya. Semakin lama semakin menarik. Kalau Developer ade Flex, Designer ade Thermo. ?

Sekadar pendapat seorang yang berada diantara developer dan designer

Tekong @ Ikhwan Nazri

That sounds wrong, and that’s because it is


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