Arabic Text in Flash CS3

When Flavert Media Lab started developing al-Quran for PSP in end of 2006, we tried to import Arabic text into the application to optimize the file size. At the end, we failed to get the solution and using JPEG images for the Arabic text. Recently, we learn that we can import the Arabic text (and other eastern text) into Flash CS3. In this tutorial we like to share how you can import Arabic text into your Flash project. We will need Adobe Flash CS3, Microsoft Office 2007 and Windows Wordpad.

Step 1

You need some Arabic text. In this tutorial, I copy the text from

Step 2

Paste the copied text into Windows Wordpad. You will notice that the Arabic text is in correct arrangement. ( I tried to paste the text directly in Microsoft Office, however the text is not in correct arrangement). Then, save the file in *.RTF format.

Step 3

Open your Microsoft Office 2007, and open the saved file. You will notice that the Arabic text is in correct arrangement. You need to set the styles, align , color etc that you want your Arabic text look like in Flash. Then, select all and copy the text.

Step 4

Open your Flash and create new FLA. Then you just press CTRL+V to paste the text. The Arabic text will paste correctly in the FLA. If you double clicking the pasted text, you will notice that the text is in shape format.

I tried to use Microsoft Office 2003 for the process, but it doesn’t work. So, you really need Microsoft Office 2007 for this purpose. I not sure if this process can be use in previous Flash version. If some of you try this tutorial in different version of Microsoft Office or Flash, feel free to comment this post.

*You can import Arabic text into Illustrator CS3 using the same process.

-Faisal Arbain-

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  3. mrpixel04 Says:

    Tq bro coz ur post has inspired me to code some class in order to handle this arabic text…u can see this post on sifoo board

    just alternative way to handle it….:)nn1

  4. BB Says:

    Dear sir,
    I have been unable to replicate your example. My arabic text in Flash still comes out backward when pasted into Flash from Office 2007. Would you mind sharing your exact text settings in Flash and Word?

    Much thanks,

  5. ahmad Says:

    FlarabySWF is a tool to convert bidirectional multiline Arabic and Latin text into a text that can be correctly rendered inside Flash, Flex and virtually any program that doesn’t support Arabic.

    FlarabySWF also has limited support for html (anchor, color and underline tags)

    For more information, and a demo version:

    Thank you.

  6. Tekong Says:

    ahmad – thanks for sharing, will definitely try it 😀

  7. muaz Says:

    assalamualaikum..thank you very much for to import text arabic to flash…i learn more for develope islamic product from your blog…….thank you very much .i hope you will tell us the new one………

  8. Iconizer Says:

    It does not display the exact arabic text… It displays unknown characters in Flash CS3.. please help!

  9. podarki Says:

    Вообще, на мой взгляд, самое лучшее в личном блоге, так это самопознание.

  10. othmane Says:

    It does not work…

  11. moha Says:

    this tutorial works perfectly for one line.. but could not manage a paragraph. dynamic text in flash shows only the last line. :(

  12. nancy-k Says:

    any other idea not good i copy it to flash but the words was so so strange
    starnge caractares

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