1st Project Showcase

Assalamualaikum and peace be be upon you visitors. Hope you’re doing fine there. We’re doing pretty good here too :p

I receive a call last week form Mr Azmir from MDeC. They want to showcase one of our projects, namely for their showcase today. Aside from Al-Quran PSP, we’re allowed to also include several of our project into that showcase to be played at KL Sentral. So I decide to put a montage of Al-Quran PSP and also alongside it, that is that published during last Eid Ul Adha, which is made for and received positive response throughout the world in creating engaging Malaysian Local Content and lastly, our Case Study for Online Interactive Courseware. Speaking of which, lately we’ve made a prototype of an Online Interactive Courseware, which is highly suitable for Online Learning. More about the Case Study later on on the next post.

So behold, Project Showcase #1 2008.

Well this is a youtube version. HD/Widescreen version available upon request.

Special Thanks to Mr Azmir and Mr Seow from MDeC for the opportunity given to us. We really, really really highly appreciate it. But the dream evaporated when she realized last year what her pension would be a

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