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Double congratz

Flavert Media Lab just wins $500 USD for Playyoo Game Contest. Orang Bunian by Faisal Arba’in got 11th place out of 341 submitted game on Playyoo. Congratulations to Samir for winning $10 000 USD. Below is the full list for Playyoo winners:

1. Match the Blocks a game by Samir won $10,000
2. The Empty Space a game by Loomand won $7,000
3. Panic Mechanic a game by marc won $3,000
4. qTile a game by ptm won $1,500
5. Ludo Cells a game by Samir
6. Mr. Shooti a game by Roozbeh won $1,000
7. Think Fast a game by izam won $500
8. Bog Frog a game by Ekleptica won $500
9. Fill Board a game by Samir
10. SokoLite a game by ptm won $500
11. Orang Bunian a game by Faisal Arbain won $500
12. Sketch Mini a game by santoki won $500
13. Sushi Mushi Mania a game by marc
14. Mondo Under a game by bitacora13
15. The Bee Game a game by lfons
16. UFO Catcher: Barnyard Abduction a game by Naz
17. Sea Combat a game by Mariam Dholkawala
18. Trop Tris a game by CreativeSource
19. Mr. Cease Fire a game by HungamaMobile
20. Shark-Thrasher a game by digitallamb

2nd congratulation is to Nirpad Gurung (Flavert Media Lab’s Creative Marketing Officer) for his wedding. Wishing you and your wife live a happy life ahead.

Juanita Mukhia and Nirpad Gurung

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