Sunrise Timelapse at the Office.

High on that list would have to be the infinity blade iii trailer that we saw epic games’ donald mustard and his brother playing through on-stage


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Double congratz

Flavert Media Lab just wins $500 USD for . Orang Bunian by Faisal Arba’in got 11th place out of 341 submitted game on Playyoo. Congratulations to Samir for winning $10 000 USD. Below is the full list for Playyoo winners:

1. Match the Blocks a game by Samir won $10,000
2. The Empty Space a game by Loomand won $7,000
3. Panic Mechanic a game by marc won $3,000
4. qTile a game by ptm won $1,500
5. Ludo Cells a game by Samir
6. Mr. Shooti a game by Roozbeh won $1,000
7. Think Fast a game by izam won $500
8. Bog Frog a game by Ekleptica won $500
9. Fill Board a game by Samir
10. SokoLite a game by ptm won $500
11. Orang Bunian a game by Faisal Arbain won $500
12. Sketch Mini a game by santoki won $500
13. Sushi Mushi Mania a game by marc
14. Mondo Under a game by bitacora13
15. The Bee Game a game by lfons
16. UFO Catcher: Barnyard Abduction a game by Naz
17. Sea Combat a game by Mariam Dholkawala
18. Trop Tris a game by CreativeSource
19. Mr. Cease Fire a game by HungamaMobile
20. Shark-Thrasher a game by digitallamb

2nd congratulation is to Nirpad Gurung (Flavert Media Lab’s Creative Marketing Officer) for his wedding. Wishing you and your wife live a happy life ahead.

Juanita Mukhia and Nirpad Gurung

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