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Al-Quran for PSP v1.4 + French Translation

Assalamualaikum and peace be upon you dear visitors.. for your information, Al-Quran for PlayStation Portable version 1.4 have been released altogether with French Translation.. click here for more info

And this new updates also includes a new control to make it easy for psp users. download and try it. we would love to hear your feedback. thanks

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Adobe launches Adobe TV

adobe.jpgAssalamualaikum and Peace be upon you dear visitors. Howdy everybody? Hope you guys fine and healthy and happy.

Speaking of which, Adobe TV just launched 9 April 2008. Here’s the news

Adobe Systems Incorporated today announced Adobe® TV, a free online video resource for expert instruction and
inspiration about Adobe products, including the company’s Creative Suite 3 family of world-class creative tools.
With multiple channels, original series programming, and content from Adobe, leading training organizations and the world’s leading subject matter experts, Adobe TV
delivers a virtual library of entertaining and instructional videos.
Designers, photographers, video professionals, and developers will find product deep-dives, innovative tips, techniques from luminaries, and behind-the-scenes tours
of the hottest creative shops and Adobe product teams.

Oh sweet. Let’s make use of the Adobe TV should we? :) Lot’s of video resources, trainings and demos.

Thanks to Anne from PPM Technology Communications for the news

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Pertandingan Adobe & Autodesk untuk pelajar²

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah dan salam sejahtera semua. berita yang khusus untuk semua pelajar. ada dua pertandingan yang menawarkan hadiah lumayan disamping portfolio terbaik buat anda.


pertamanya: Adobe Design Achievement Award


Sertai 12 kategori didalam 3 kawasan media yang diiktiraf didalam industri. Menangi hadiah wang tunai sebanyak US$60,000 yang akan dianugerahkan di New York.Gunakan perisian percubaan dari Adobe dan hasilkan karya yang kreatif dan unik!

Penyertaan ditutup pada May 2, 2008. Sila layari www.ADAAentry.com untuk maklumat lanjut dan lihat karya-karya yang diiktiraf oleh Adobe.

Terima Kasih kepada MuidLatif dari Digital Malaya Project//DMP untuk berita ini.


Pertandingan Kedua: AutoDesk Design Competition 2008


Autodesk, dengan kerjasama Bahagian Pelajaran Kolej Komuniti & Politeknik, Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi bersama² Design Technology Alliance (M) Sdn Bhd telah menganjurkan Pertandingan Rekaan Autodesk ke-3, tahun 2008 untuk disertai oleh pelajar² institusi pengajian tinggi. Pertandingan ini juga disokong oleh HP.

Bertemakan ” Urbanisasi dalam Rekaan”, pertandingan ini terbahagi kepada dua kategori. Building Design and Manufacturing Design. Menangi hadiah sebanyak RM 70,000. Tarikh tutup penyertaan adalah 30 April 2008. Untuk maklumat lanjut mengenai pertandingan ini, layari website ini.

Terima kasih kepada Lowyat.NET untuk berita ini.


jadi buat mereka yang masih bergelar pelajar, jangan lepaskan peluang ini.. best tuuu. dapat bina portfolio dan juga ade peluang untuk menangi wang tunai. good luck semua.

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Our Flash Workshop

Howdy everybody. hope you’re doing well and fine like us. We’re doing well too.

About the titled mentioned above, last, me and sabau already organizing Flash Workshop. he’s teaching basic practice of flash till the topic ‘developing flash websites’.


( class last year )

And I spend my last weekend teaching basic flash practice to the management students from UITM. the response was tremendous. They able to grasp the idea of Flash. there’s some person there already know about Flash but now they knew something new. The lecturer that was following them also like the way i presented the tutorials.

Next, we’ll having a Flash workshop to students from Institut Perguruan Islam, Selangor. If you have any inquiries about our Flash Workshop, feel free to contact us :)

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