Jumble updates :p

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullah and peace be upon you dear visitors. It’s been a month without updates. We’re still kicking, and this time, we kicking real hard.

We’ve been busy with projects. One of it is the website for . Developed by Faisal Arbain using Code Igniter. We’re responsible for the whole website developement including Student/Staff Login System, Content Management System, Interface Design, AJAX/XHTML just to name a few. So visit and explore the website to know more about .

Next is we’ve also commissioned to develop an Interactive Game Teaser for one company for one of their product. In the meantime, the works have been submitted but still not published over the net. Here’s just a picture to tease you :p


Once it become published by the client, we’ll let you know.

Next, has been listed by and inside their gallery. We do practice web standards and we keep up with technology and this is the proof of our commitment towards it. So again thanks to and for the acknowledgment.

Oh and dear possible clients who’re looking forward to have a website of your own company that use XHTML/CSS/AJAX or even full flash website, consider us to be your developers :)

On the end of this month, we’ll surprise you guys with one Flash Lite Application. So, keep on coming to this site ya :) Talk about Flash, just in case you didn’t know, Flash player 10 Public Beta has been released. It introduce a lot of new feature to explore by programmers and developers. Some are 3D effects, Custom Filters, Advanced Text Layout, Enhanced Drawing API, and also Visual Perfomances Improvement, which means the player will be more faster and require less CPU computing process. .

Remember to check back our blog and our website frequently for more updates, Cheers :)

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