It’s here, Adobe Acrobat 9

logo.jpgLast few weeks i already reviewed about Adobe Acrobat 9, which is i receive the promotional copy of that. but now it’s here for the public release.

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA –June 26, 2008 – Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced the immediate availability of Adobe® Acrobat® 9 software, a significant upgrade that transforms the process of creating and sharing electronic documents. Acrobat 9 delivers major innovations that can enable organizations and individuals to communicate in an engaging, professional manner.

Acrobat 9 provides deep support for Adobe Flash technology, enabling users to include Adobe Flash Player compatible video and application files in PDF documents. For example, a marketing manager can use Acrobat 9 to convert web pages with multimedia to PDF documents. The PDF file can be shared for review and comment with others who are using free Adobe Reader® 9 software, which is expected to launch up to twice as fast as earlier versions.

Acrobat 9 also includes the ability to unify a wide range of content into a single document with the new concept of PDF Portfolios. PDF Portfolios enable users to assemble multiple media types into one, compressed PDF file that can be customized with several professional layouts and specific branding. A sales professional could create a single proposal document for a prospective client that includes charts, spreadsheets and images, as well as a branded, introductory video from the CEO discussing the company’s latest products.

The Acrobat 9 family consists of Acrobat 9 Standard, Acrobat 9 Pro, and the new Acrobat 9 Pro Extended software. The most comprehensive member of the family, Acrobat 9 Pro Extended, includes Adobe Presenter software for easily turning Microsoft® PowerPoint presentations into multimedia experiences that can be
published as PDF files.

More information on the Acrobat 9 family is available online at


//thanks to Anne from PPM Technology Communications for the news.

Earlier today, we received news of the official release of miui for kindle fire


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Adobe launches Adobe Media Player

Previously, we’ve told you that Adobe launches Adobe TV., now they launch another related product but totally cool, Adobe Media Player.

Adobe Media Player is like a centralized player where you can search any content. among the channels the have are CBS, Nickleodeon, MTV, Comedy Central, well just to name a few. it also have videos of tutorials, information and education since it has its own categories.

Another interesting things inside this Adobe Media Player is it can play High Definition content. Consumers can download 1080p, 702p or 480i video display resolution with advance audio quality.


//thanks to Anne from PPm technology Communications for the news.  Vuzix previews wrap 920av video eyewear solar arcadia offers solar iphone chargers related stories happy presidents’ day from ilounge happy holidays from ilounge happy thanksgiving 2016 from ilounge a

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New Zaphiro-FX works, Twingly Summer of Code 2008 Montage.

Watch our friend’s motion graphics work, , for .

Zaphiro-FX’s works mainly on motion effects/graphic, advertising, video presentation and demoreel and so on. Among the very remarkable works is Motion graphic presentation for CIMB.

If you’re wearing the stainless steel apple watch then you’re possibly more likely to notice some scratches here and there just because it’s the nature of the beast


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Portfolio Updates

Assalamualaikum and peace be upon you dear readers and visitors :)

We would like to announce our recent portfolio updates. there are three works of the company being published recently. They are

  1. M-Travelogue Shopping Mall: Suria KLCC Unofficial Guide

anne000075.jpgOho in case you didn’t know, His wedding website surely a flashy one. take a look. both of the wedding card was built using Flash. it also using Flash Database to store greetings and wishes from friends, a Flash Emailer for you to confirmation your attendance to the wedding and also, Interactive Map that enables to to locate the house, and print it for your references.

And about M-Travelogue Shopping Mall: Suria KLCC Unofficial Guide, it’s a Flash Lite Application built for Flash-Enabled handphones.This is the time there’s so much shopping spree happen around in Malaysia. This application enables you to navigate and locate the business outlets in Suria KLCC. In addition, you can also call TGV Cinemas, Aquaria, Petrosains straight away from this application. So download, take a look, and distribute to everyone to enhance their shopping experience at Suria KLCC.

for more details about what this application can help you, . ( simple only testing adobe presenter :p )


( Flash Lite 1.1 )

Don’t be afraid, click the download button and install it onto your phone. and give it to your friends. it’s free. well who doesn’t want free things anyway?

so enjoy and give feedback for the portfolio updates yah. should you have any inquiries, be it anything, 😀 or the comments below
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Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended Review

Acrobat 9 BoxLast 2 week, Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended was launched. I was unable to attend the launching event since I went to Singapore for but thanks to Anne from PPM Technology & Communications for passing me the Trial CD of Acrobat 9 Pro for me to test it. Oh it was the right time to test it since the company portfolio getting bigger and need an update so I decided to make he new update of company portfolio using Acrobat 9.

Upon installing and looking at the guide for newbies. i start with scratching my head. I always view PDF but to make a PDF is a new thing for me actually. Automate function in Photoshop were very useful. All the file for the company profile were 10MB but it was shrinked to 7MB with Maximum Setting. Then i start to insert media to my PDF.

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