Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended Review

Acrobat 9 BoxLast 2 week, Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended was launched. I was unable to attend the launching event since I went to Singapore for but thanks to Anne from PPM Technology & Communications for passing me the Trial CD of Acrobat 9 Pro for me to test it. Oh it was the right time to test it since the company portfolio getting bigger and need an update so I decided to make he new update of company portfolio using Acrobat 9.

Upon installing and looking at the guide for newbies. i start with scratching my head. I always view PDF but to make a PDF is a new thing for me actually. Automate function in Photoshop were very useful. All the file for the company profile were 10MB but it was shrinked to 7MB with Maximum Setting. Then i start to insert media to my PDF.

There are two options when creating PDF from Acrobat 9.First is to combine all media to one-page-PDF. The another one is PDF portfolio. So i will explain about one-page-PDF.


So first, I insert the SWF to the PDF. This page is for , where we were assigned to do their company website. What i put here is the company intro and embedded in the pdf.


so this is what happen after i put the flash intro. you just have to click the area and then it will be played. but not click on this picure, click in the pdf :p

next i try to link it with youtube, but it didn’t work. i try to link with youtube because nowadays even a company put their demoreel at youtube. i thought i can save some bandwidth but not. so i decide to just import the video. so the imported video was the demonstration of our sleek and fun . As for video, if you’re importing other-than-flv format, you’ll see this panel below.

(click for bigger picture)

the option pretty the same with Adobe Flash Video Encoder, where you can specify the In/Out point, and also, use the chosen frame/part that you want to display on your pdf. when clicking ‘OK’, Acrobat will start Transcoding the video.


next is the intro of the game we’re just completed but awaiting deployment from the client to their website. this is the intro of the game. what i do is link area with the file. but then, one issue when linking the media, is for Acrobat to ask wheter you want to run the content from the website. like this below.


Alongside with Acrobat 9 Pro, Adobe Presenter was included. Adobe Presenter will help to take your PowerPoint Presentations to the next level. With Adobe Presenter, you can simply create somewhat your own classes, attach notes and upload to your personal website. More importantly, you’re also able to add Flash, Flash Video, and Voice Over. So after you’re installing Acrobat 9 pro, you can see there’s a tab at Microsoft PowerPoint named “Adobe Presenter”.


Of course from the drop down menu there are pretty extensive function you can use including Quiz Manager. you’re also able to choose themes that suit your presentation and also give title and description.


and when your Presentations ready to go, just publish it. you can publish it as PDF, uploadto Acrobat Connect Pro or publish in your computer and able to copy it to cd, like the screenshot below.


so today, i learn something new hehe.

to view the sample how the Adobe Presenter look like, click here for my . Oh it doesn’t contain any transition of the powerpoint, but it was to give you the feel of Adobe Presenter.


I decide not to upload the company profile, because the size is 20MB. But if you insist, just request here with your mail and I’ll send to you the company profile :)

We’d recommend it for children who already love the app and can learn those numbers, but otherwise we’d probably steer clear


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