Barcamp Malaysia – Day 2 & Video of Flash Lite Talk

. start the day by attending Silverlight Talk by Kok Chian. Never knew there was Silverlight 2. but then, more surprisingly, there will be silverlight mobile. Right now it’s works only in Windows Mobile. they’re working on Silverlight for Nokia. the advantage of silverlight is, i think, they able to do menu, component using drag and drop interaction. in flash, we have to make it ourselves, hard-coded, but there always component and sample files shared by the gurus. well, let’s just wait silverlight for phone.

after that, attending the journey of microchip startup by vyasa kandasamy. he start a company with no idea how to run it. like an idiots. ( he said that ). but what inspire me is he never stops to learn. and even the company winds up, he still kicking. in business, there’s no rejection of a proposal. it’s more like u reaching a closed door that will lead to another door. he just have 3 slides. haha. he also insist that you can’t work alone. you have to have a team. what the venture capitalist (VC)/big bosses will see in you is how much return that you can bring to their investment. it’s already enough for them if you can promise 5-10% of return. the VC also would want to see, how charismatic and how reliable you are to run a company. if they saw it the other way around, you might end up locking up in their office, doing the job that at first you taught it will benefit you, but later on it will just benefit the boss, oh, for more lower price.

imagine that if you’re not so serious, not presentable. they simply take u work. another thing is The Elevator Proposal, in less than 1 minute, do whatever thing that might secure the deal before the elevator door opens and the vc walks and there you go, you’re potential clients or customer goes. 1 minute dude.

then comes my talk. for some reason, i think i was pretty shaking. i really was. but thank god i think i made it through. peoples are happy and understand my slides. i didn’t show any single view of Flash Timeline because i know, this is not the developers meetups. it’s BarCamp Malaysia!. place to sharing ideas and if the audience not a developer, show them another thing instead.

. warning, 80MB because the slide in full resolution to retain the readiness.Thanks to Anne and Fiona from Adobe for supplying Adobe Acrobat notebooks that i gave during my talk.

View SlideShare or your own. (tags: )

next, having a gracious scrumptious subway sandwiches. my fourth subway. love it. after that announcement was made for Nokia Communicator. owns it.

after lunch, attending lightning talks. this is the super crazy talks. all people are given time to gave talk. you can talk anything. ANYTHING. Arzumy talks even using geeks. someone talks about freeculture. Ariff Azraii talks about his latest projects. mean you, he only 16 and know so much about Django, Instructables and really, i miss out many things indeed. the barcampers are really sharing their experiences.

then, the day ended, and there will be barcamp penang, melaka and jb. maybe i go to penang and jb. well maybe.


The assessments we end up with have to inform instruction, he said


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An Hour about Flash Lite on BarCamp Malaysia

I’m giving and sharing about Adobe Flash Lite on BarCamp Malaysia this sunday. Among things that i’ll tell the audience will be

  1. WTH is Flash Lite?
  2. Why Flash Lite?
  3. Comparison between Flash Lite’s ( 1.1, 2.1, 3.1 )
  4. Understanding the limitation of Mobile Devices
  5. Best Practice for developing Flash Lite
  6. Stripping the application: A look inside .
  7. FAQ Session

So come to the ‘Theater’ , 1200-1300, Sunday, 27th July 2008.

Just in case if you’re coming and wanted to know something more than i wrote above, please tell me in the comment box so i can add what to explain in my presentation.


Proponents estimate it has served more than 1


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Hikayat Syah Mardan – Barongan


Remember the picture above? Just wanna tell you guys that our works have been displayed and published. Well, just a part of it :p

It’s Hikayat Syah Mardan – Barongan. It’s a sub-story of epic Hikayat Syah Mardan. oh well to view the montage for Barongan. It is an intro for a game, but the game still unpublished. Graphic provided by Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka. We were sanctioned to do the montage and the interactive game of the comic. When the game released, i’ll let you know.

Programmed by : Faisal Arba’in

Animated by : Ikhwan Nazri.

So comments, please. thanks :)

Over the next four years when they teach full-time, the stipend is $12,500 per year on top of their regular salary


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Adobe Masters Tour Malaysia


It’s already one of the best scrapbooking apps i’ve seen


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Congratz Mr Chief Technical Officer

Congratulations to our Chief Technical Officer, Muhammad Faisal B Arbain (sabau) for his wedding. Wishing you and your wife live a happy, cheerful, blissful life ahead.

During each of those trips, he conducted personal business, and some of his expenses on the trips were reimbursed by the federal government


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