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An Hour about Flash Lite on BarCamp Malaysia

I’m giving and sharing about Adobe Flash Lite on BarCamp Malaysia this sunday. Among things that i’ll tell the audience will be

  1. WTH is Flash Lite?
  2. Why Flash Lite?
  3. Comparison between Flash Lite’s ( 1.1, 2.1, 3.1 )
  4. Understanding the limitation of Mobile Devices
  5. Best Practice for developing Flash Lite
  6. Stripping the application: A look inside Al-Quran for PlayStation Portable.
  7. FAQ Session

So come to the ‘Theater’ , 1200-1300, Sunday, 27th July 2008.

Just in case if you’re coming and wanted to know something more than i wrote above, please tell me in the comment box so i can add what to explain in my presentation.

Check the BarCamp Malaysia Schedule Sessions here.

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