It’s here, Adobe Creative Suite 4 (CS4)

Finally it’s here. Adobe Creative Suite 4.

I’ve been waiting this for about.. 2 months eversince the . That day, I saw the masters demonstrate using CS4. Why I said CS4, because of the different interface but they just did’t tell the audience. Well they can’t, maybe afraid there will be mobs alive rushing to steal their laptops that was preloaded with CS4 that time :p .

So snap back to present time, I watched Adobe Launching Broadcast that started with their CEO, and then, their Sales person who go all around america giving the empty boxes of CS4. Then, the broadcast move on to the software demo.

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Portfolio Updates – Interactive Scoreboard System & Video Instructions for Ambidextrous Solutions for Nokia-Siemens Networks

Phew that was long title wasn’t it :p

Assalamualaikum / Peace be upon you dear visitors. Last week we’ve been working with Ambidextrous Solutions for Nokia-Siemens Network event. Ambidextrous Solutions have been managing and organizing interesting events so far and we’re looking forward working with them. We’ve been assigned to do two items.

  1. Interactive Scoreboard System
  2. Video Instruction for their Interactive game

So below are the video demonstration of the Interactive Scoreboard System.

from on .

This is the Interactive Scoreboard System developed for Ambidextrous Solutions for Nokia-Siemens Networks. The graphic assets was changeable depends on what event that you organized. Currently has four different modes which is
1. Fullscreen Video Feed
2. Screensaver
3. Scoreboard + Video Feed
4. Full Scoreboard.
The System developed using Adobe Flash, Code Igniter, and also running on localhost to do the registration. The game admin will control this application right from their internet browser.

//Actionscripted and CodeIgnitored by Faisal Arba’in of Flavert Media Lab.

Next is the instruction for the video. There are four games. The graphic was created by Fairuz Tajalli/ Andrew of Ambidextrous Solutions. It was animated by Ikhwan Nazri of Flavert Media Lab.

from on .

Please click more to view all four video instructions.
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Adobe Scene 7 – Media Portal 3.0 released

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA, September 9, 2008 – Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE)
today enhanced its software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering for eCommerce and
multi-channel marketing companies by releasing the Scene7 Media Portal 3.0, a major
update to its hosted media management solution previously known as Image Portal.

The new Media Portal 3.0 is an add-on module for the recently released Scene7 4.0
hosted rich media platform used by companies worldwide to drive online business
through the delivery of dynamic content for eCommerce, Web sites, email, print and

Media Portal features significant advancements, including new Administrator
functions that streamline cross-channel marketing using high-impact imagery and
other rich content.

“With the increasing demand for rich content across channels, organizations are
continuously tasked with maintaining quality and brand reputation while controlling
costs,” said Doug Mack, vice president of Consumer and Hosted Solutions at Adobe.
“Media Portal 3.0 used with the Scene7 4.0 rich media platform makes for a truly
integrated environment that helps save time and costs by delivering dynamic,
data-driven content to multiple customer touch points.”

“Wrangler helps deliver high-quality, relevant apparel to consumers worldwide, and
it is important that we effectively reach our retailers and consumers in a way that
is convenient and swift,” says Debbie Collier, manager of Marketing Services at
Wrangler. “Having a turn-key, web-based media management solution like Scene7 Media
Portal 3.0, allows us to provide product, lifestyle and brand marketing imagery
instantly and in a customized format.”

Media Portal 3.0 builds on the success of the previous Scene7 image management
solution by expanding media type support. Now, it can be used with popular creative
file types, including Adobe Flash® CS3 Professional, Adobe Photoshop® CS3, Adobe
InDesign CS3, Adobe Illustrator® CS3, as well as popular business file formats
including Microsoft Office, Adobe PDF and Zip files.

Media Portal 3.0 includes a new Administrator feature that allows administrators to
add or remove users, as well as assign access to rich media content at a group,
folder or asset level. With Media Portal, administrators can set up custom metadata
fields for content contributors to use when adding and/or editing content in bulk.
Administrators can also define standardization rules or presets (such as file
format, size or scale and resolution) upon upload or distribution of images,
enabling the system to dynamically transform the content instead of requiring manual

A broad spectrum of companies worldwide have benefited from the Scene7 media
management solution including: ExOfficio, John Lewis, LaCrosse Footwear, Inc., Levi
Strauss & Co.,, Levolor, VF Corporation and Victorinox.

Scene7 4.0 Platform
As an add-on module, Media Portal 3.0 integrates seamlessly with the Scene7 4.0
platform and streamlines rich media publishing with an intuitive workflow. The new
Scene7 4.0 platform has a user interface that offers single and accordion pane
viewing, as well as drag and drop capabilities. It includes a vast library of best
practice and configurable rich media viewers to help users deliver an enhanced
customer experience with little effort. Other tutorial resources are also provided
to support both new and power users.

Media Portal 3.0 is immediately available in English with French, German, Spanish
and Japanese language versions expected by October 2008. A free 30-day trial of
Media Portal can be accessed at For more information about
Media Portal 3.0 or the new Scene7 4.0 platform visit Smith of the charter school leadership council said he viewed ms a

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Portfolio Updates – Raya Card for Enveluv!

Hi visitors. glad to tell you recently we’ve been working with Enveluv. Ahmad Faiz, our Art Director, designed three Raya Cards for them.

What’s more, this raya cards are yours for FREE. i mean you. FREE. just , register yourself, and sent a real card for free. A real card will be posted to your recipient’s home.

Right now we’re working with one interesting event. So stay put and we’ll get back to you later :)  oh. i think i smell will come up…

And here, we, Flavert Media Lab wishing you Happy Fasting and Selamat Hari Raya AidilFitri.

That work can then be printed as real sheet music


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