Portfolio Updates – Interactive Scoreboard System & Video Instructions for Ambidextrous Solutions for Nokia-Siemens Networks

Phew that was long title wasn’t it :p

Assalamualaikum / Peace be upon you dear visitors. Last week we’ve been working with Ambidextrous Solutions for Nokia-Siemens Network event. Ambidextrous Solutions have been managing and organizing interesting events so far and we’re looking forward working with them. We’ve been assigned to do two items.

  1. Interactive Scoreboard System
  2. Video Instruction for their Interactive game

So below are the video demonstration of the Interactive Scoreboard System.

from on .

This is the Interactive Scoreboard System developed for Ambidextrous Solutions for Nokia-Siemens Networks. The graphic assets was changeable depends on what event that you organized. Currently has four different modes which is
1. Fullscreen Video Feed
2. Screensaver
3. Scoreboard + Video Feed
4. Full Scoreboard.
The System developed using Adobe Flash, Code Igniter, and also running on localhost to do the registration. The game admin will control this application right from their internet browser.

//Actionscripted and CodeIgnitored by Faisal Arba’in of Flavert Media Lab.

Next is the instruction for the video. There are four games. The graphic was created by Fairuz Tajalli/ Andrew of Ambidextrous Solutions. It was animated by Ikhwan Nazri of Flavert Media Lab.

from on .

Please click more to view all four video instructions.

from on .

from on .

from on .

Much thanks to Fairuz Siddik and Fairuz Tajalli from Ambidextrous Solutions for inviting us to work together for Nokia-Siemens Networks.

Here, i’m Ikhwan Nazri on behalf of all Flavert Media Lab team, Faisal Arba’in, Nirpad Gurung, Ahmad Faiz and Allia Idha wishing you guys Selamat Hari Raya AidilFitri ( Eid Ul Fitr ) :)

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  1. oDiN Says:

    CodeIgniter la bro ..

  2. Tekong Says:

    apelak.. program mmg la code igniter. tp orang yang menggunakan code igniter .. dipanggil code ignitor.. sabau cakap. same la aku pakai actionscript, so panggil actionscripter. ahaha

  3. abdusfauzi Says:

    wah-la-weh.. nice bro!

  4. Tekong Says:

    abdusfauzi – thx dude 😀

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