Adobe CS4 Launch Malaysia – this 11 Nov

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This 11 Nov, 3 Adobe Evangelists will come to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, demonstrating the latest feature of Adobe CS4, the latest software from Adobe. The event will be held at Hotel Shangri-La, Kuala Lumpur. The 3 Evangelist are

  1. Karl Soule
  2. Paul Burnett ( last 4 month he was here for )
  3. Tim Cole

So , for something brilliant.

//thanks to Anne from for this news

As the years of my work in public urban schools go by, students who identify as top 5 percent of the class, award-winning debater, talented wide receiver or outspoken creative writer add undocumented immigrant to their list of identifiers


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WeddingKami Updates: Aimran-Sufya & Hawa-Rauf

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullah and Peace be Upon You dear friends and visitors.

If you follow our company news since… 2 years back, we’ve also specialized in developing Flash Websites. One type of Flash Website that we’ve did is Interactive Wedding Invitation. So we decide to create a brand for our Interactive Wedding Invitation that is

If you visit WeddingKami right now, all you can see is a construction webpage. We’re working at the system and currently we’re at 60% stages upon completion. So this post isn’t about Launching of WeddingKami but, this post is to update two of the latest Interactive Wedding Invitation we’ve developed.

Click on the picture to visit the website.

The first is, Hawa & Ra’uf.

And the latest one, for Aimran & Sufya

Visit their website and view the features such as Map, Print Map, RSVP, Photo Album and also, FYI, there’s a feature of personal invitation but that, for the meantime, only accessible for client. Once the WeddingKami launched, we will put a preview of the personal invitation feature.

Congratulations for Hawa-Rauf and Aimran-Sufya. May your journey as a husband and wife in the future will be an exciting journey and full of happiness and blessings from Allah.

Getting married? Here’s your solution. Interactive Wedding Invitation, :)

Local school districts should take the lead on setting goals for their community schools


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PU: MSC-Apicta 2008 Finalist, M-Travelogue Suria KLCC

Naming convention = PU : Portfolio Updates :)

Assalamualaikum and peace be upon you dear readers and visitors.

I’m glad to tell you that M-Travelogue Shopping Mall: Suria KLCC Unofficial Guide has been nominated Finalist in MSC-APICTA 2008 in Best of Tourism & Hospitality category. Well unfortunately, we didn’t won that category. Fortunately enough, the judges which is from Tourism industry complements this applications functionality and cool features though.

Since you may have already download this application before this, on this post we include the latest updates of the guide itself.

So download the application here, . Simply put on your phone and follow the instructions.

If you need the Flash Lite .

As for Handphone with S40 5th Edition, Feature Pack 1, you may download the .

Thanks MSC-APICTA 2008! Congrats to the winners! a

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Portfolio Updates – Medina University Sample Courseware

screenshot_01-copy.jpgAssalamualaikum Warahmatullah and Peace be Upon You visitors. it’s still not to late to wish Muslims, Happy Eid Ul Fitr :)

On the other hand, I’ve just uploaded one of our old works. We made this Courseware Sample for Medina University. Unlike other coursewares, this is for Online purposes. So, we’re dealing with one critical issues, FILESIZE. Usually, courseware development will include heavy interaction which will be used to enhance students understanding that will make the file more heavier. With sounds, videos, etc. If using CD, all the time it takes to load is at the reading speed of CD/DVD but when it’s online, the bigger the filesize, the longer it takes for the browser to load the courseware or else it will hamper the student concentration to study.

So we develop a framework to keep the filesize smaller but still retain high interactive level for students understanding.  With this framework, even the voiceover can be loaded faster and suitable for online learning environment. All the animation are scripted + plus the tooltips , subtitle for voiceovers, the slider for the user to control the slides, all components are animated for the optimized online learning experience.

We took 5 days to finish this 5 learning objects. Clients only provide us with the storyboard. The Graphic Design/ Flash Interaction / Voice Overs are our task to complete. Since this was a sample for them, we only complete a part of their interactivity question. This is an English Language Proficiency subject. If we’re to develop Physics Courseware, it will took longer as Physics is a more interactive subject to began with.

Click here to view the works

Although we didn’t get the job because of several reasons, we heard that this sample we’ve developed has become a benchmark for other companies to follow 😉

Framework Developed by = Faisal Arba’in
Content Creation & Animation by = Ikhwan Nazri
Graphic Design by = Siti Allia Idha
Voice Over by = Nirpad Gurung

We have another excellent sample of coursewares that we’ve developed. I’ll upload it and blog about it later on.

P/S: i know there’s a spelling error. but since we didn’t get the job, no point on correcting it although we’re perfectionist :p

Nel noddings, a professor emeritus of education at stanford university, said she wondered whether the federal effort to improve testing wouldn’t be better spent helping teachers do what tests cannot

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