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screenshot_01-copy.jpgAssalamualaikum Warahmatullah and Peace be Upon You visitors. it’s still not to late to wish Muslims, Happy Eid Ul Fitr :)

On the other hand, I’ve just uploaded one of our old works. We made this Courseware Sample for Medina University. Unlike other coursewares, this is for Online purposes. So, we’re dealing with one critical issues, FILESIZE. Usually, courseware development will include heavy interaction which will be used to enhance students understanding that will make the file more heavier. With sounds, videos, etc. If using CD, all the time it takes to load is at the reading speed of CD/DVD but when it’s online, the bigger the filesize, the longer it takes for the browser to load the courseware or else it will hamper the student concentration to study.

So we develop a framework to keep the filesize smaller but still retain high interactive level for students understanding.  With this framework, even the voiceover can be loaded faster and suitable for online learning environment. All the animation are scripted + plus the tooltips , subtitle for voiceovers, the slider for the user to control the slides, all components are animated for the optimized online learning experience.

We took 5 days to finish this 5 learning objects. Clients only provide us with the storyboard. The Graphic Design/ Flash Interaction / Voice Overs are our task to complete. Since this was a sample for them, we only complete a part of their interactivity question. This is an English Language Proficiency subject. If we’re to develop Physics Courseware, it will took longer as Physics is a more interactive subject to began with.

Click here to view the works

Although we didn’t get the job because of several reasons, we heard that this sample we’ve developed has become a benchmark for other companies to follow 😉

Framework Developed by = Faisal Arba’in
Content Creation & Animation by = Ikhwan Nazri
Graphic Design by = Siti Allia Idha
Voice Over by = Nirpad Gurung

We have another excellent sample of coursewares that we’ve developed. I’ll upload it and blog about it later on.

P/S: i know there’s a spelling error. but since we didn’t get the job, no point on correcting it although we’re perfectionist :p

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