WeddingKami Updates: Aimran-Sufya & Hawa-Rauf

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullah and Peace be Upon You dear friends and visitors.

If you follow our company news since… 2 years back, we’ve also specialized in developing Flash Websites. One type of Flash Website that we’ve did is Interactive Wedding Invitation. So we decide to create a brand for our Interactive Wedding Invitation that is

If you visit WeddingKami right now, all you can see is a construction webpage. We’re working at the system and currently we’re at 60% stages upon completion. So this post isn’t about Launching of WeddingKami but, this post is to update two of the latest Interactive Wedding Invitation we’ve developed.

Click on the picture to visit the website.

The first is, Hawa & Ra’uf.

And the latest one, for Aimran & Sufya

Visit their website and view the features such as Map, Print Map, RSVP, Photo Album and also, FYI, there’s a feature of personal invitation but that, for the meantime, only accessible for client. Once the WeddingKami launched, we will put a preview of the personal invitation feature.

Congratulations for Hawa-Rauf and Aimran-Sufya. May your journey as a husband and wife in the future will be an exciting journey and full of happiness and blessings from Allah.

Getting married? Here’s your solution. Interactive Wedding Invitation, :)

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7 Responses to “WeddingKami Updates: Aimran-Sufya & Hawa-Rauf”

  1. ashraaf Says:

    wah gila cool! hopefully tak mahal 😛

  2. Tekong Says:

    ashraaf – tak mahal. affordable. orang nak kahwin mana boleh mahal2. nanti tengoklah pakej yg kami tawarkan :)

  3. elia Says:

    budak rajin access blog saye…thx!…ok…cantik giler artwork ko…nk jgk tao price utk wedding card flash ni…cane nk tao?

  4. Tekong Says:

    elia – nak tau ke? nak cepat kah ? kasik email pls kat ym. THX 😀

  5. Danny Foo Says:

    Simple and neat. And, please do inform me once the service is up. :)

  6. Tekong Says:

    Danny – Sure do! thanks 😀

  7. si keren Says:

    Selamat siang, salam kenal…
    Baru hari ini saya baca blog ini, ketemu di yahoo 😀

    Si Cantik

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