Happy 1st Birthday, the company :)

The cake is not a lie :p Happy 1st Birthday to the company, Flavert Media Lab Sdn Bhd that was incorporated on 07/11/07 such a nice number for a coincidence with 7/11. Before that, the company has existed since 2004 in freelance world.

We didn’t throw a party, but just a small meetup between CEO, CTO and our Graphic Designer that is me, sabau, and allia. Since we’re not partying, we end up doing a usability test drive for WeddingKami.com

And here, me, on behalf of all Flavert Media Lab team would like to thank our friends and supporters, for you what drive us so far. Stay tuned for more updates!

PS:// im going to give a 2ND talk entitled=  2nd Hour with Flash Lite: How Flash Lite can help your Business during . If you have any specific request want to know, please told me so. thanks!

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