Adobe CS4 Launching Malaysia Review

Launching Event in Malaysia is something, brilliant. Went there with mr CTO – sabau and other media bloggers, , , and Some people in Lowyat Art & Design also turns up which is , , , ( he won Master collection! ), technophile, and Hermainie. Nice meeting u guys. Other people includes the famous designer and founder of , , the soon-to-get-married and my classmate Shah Leher Jinjang. i think i saw there.

The launching starts with opening speech by Ashley Wearnes followed by the first Evangelist, Tim Cole. Tim Cole demonstrating to us the new features for design/print software such as Illustrator, Indesign, and Photoshop. He starts with Illustrator. Illustrator now have

  1. spring-loaded panel
  2. multiple artboards
  3. live gradient on artboards
  4. blob tool
  5. crop by artboard

Click more ya!

I’m not a pro user of illustrator but by hearing how the audience was amazed, I’m sure these little features helping them in accomplish their daunting tasks.

Next. he continue with InDesign. InDesign is a software dedicated for those who are in publishing design like books, magazine, and newsletter. here in indesign, Tim Cole demnstrated the ability of smart guides, cross references in a book and also conditional text. At one moment, he opened FileMaker Pro that contains a set of database. Now InDesign able to link to database, pull the data, and also update the data of there’s amendments have been done on the InDesign itself. Another one thing is now, InDesign have ‘error indicator’ below at the status bar. it will tell you if there’s any textbox overprints, or what-color-problem i forget the term name. Oh, they have a conditional text can be set. such as a text set for US or UK.

Then, on Photoshop. Now, with the new adjustment layer. In this example, it’s Curves. Now user will be able to click on the part of the picture, and drag to have the desirable settings. The graph will automatically follows your points. If u can’t have enough, you can click at another part, and drag it. Again, the graph will follow your setting. This function called ‘active eyedropper’. Another killer features is Content Aware Scaling where you can scale images without breaking it’s porpotion/distance between significant character. this is the most advance editing has been existed. If you’re working with dodge/burn/sponge tool, surely you’ve been experience desaturation when you’re using those tools. in CS4, they include ‘Protect Tones’ so when the procedure been omitted, the tones doesn’t change.

maybe you can’t imagine it. Trust me, this kind of example is better be explained.

Another one thing is about their 3D features. Now, you can even draw on your modeling using Photoshop. When you enable 3D adjustment, your drawings/ anything that u did on the stage is a 3D. Another one thing, as you can see from the selection box, is a function that ‘hide nearest surface’. supposedly you have a modeling but want to paint the thing underneath it, you can select the surface u want to hide and then you’ll be able to paint it. In this example, Tim Cole select the roof of the car, click ‘hide nearest surface’ and then, the inner part of the car was exposed, enabled him to paint the cushion. Wasn’t that brilliant? Another improvement to the Photoshop is you can adjust the brush size but i forget how they did it.

Then, when Tim Cole session stops, there were keynotes by their sponsors but unable to know any single thing because went to press conference. I’m one of the media bloggers. So inside Sabah Room, all events in that single day was crammed into two hours.

make no mistake, that glowing was reflection from camera flash. from left to right

[ Tim Cole ; Karl Soule ; Paul Burnett ]

Inside, the flow was a keynote from Ashley  Wearnes, then followed by Karl Soule, Paul Burnett and Tim Cole. As far as I concern, before this, Adobe OnLocation was only available for Windows Platform. Now, it’s also available for Mac users. Karl Soule demonstrates the live from camera to hard-disk recording made possible. He also demonstrates the comprehensive list of output can be produced from Premiere Pro. After Effects composition can be previewed on many device screen emulator. great timesaver.

Then comes Paul Burnett. I’ve met him during Masters Tour in Menara Kuala Lumpur. He’s demonstrate a bit of new features of Flash CS4 which I’ll explain later.  After that, All of us, the speakers and media having lunch and we, ( brandon, sabau, me, bat and mixterr ) were chatting with Ashley Wearnes. This is his first question to us

So you’re guys are bloggers right? Bloggers are now one main information source in Malaysia ( sentences like this ) Did you earn much from Blogging? Is Blogging your full time job? What are you doing for living.

me: Blogging for the company. And we’re making a living by using your product.

I Lol’ed. He asked for my cards so he could visit our company blog. ( Selamat Datang Ashley to our company blog 😀 ) But then, we discuss about many things. I went ahead with question about making the Flash to become opensource because there was openscreen project. Sabau were asking about their participation in sponsoring schools with Flex Builder. Brandon was asking the statistics of CS4 have been sold. We’re having a nice lunch chit-chatting with him.

We miss out the 2nd session from Karl Soule but quickly going back to our reserved seat to watch Paul Burnett with his flashy things. He starts with Fireworks, suppressing the point that Fireworks was meant to do a ‘rapid prototype development’. With Fireworks, as a graphic designer, you’ll be able to design an AIR Application prototype complete with button interaction, AIR-specific functions such as drag and drop and close application. This AIR Application then exported to PDF, sent to client, and using Acrobat, client will be able to put sticky notes to the projects. Fireworks now also can export a beautiful-web-standards-compilant CSS & Images. With just a single click. HOLY! the lovely word is

Look, i’m a graphic designer and i havent written a single piece of code.

Next, he move on to Dreamweaver. It must be a painful task to search on your CSS file about the rule that have been defined, well that’s if you didn’t use ‘Find’ command. In Dreamweaver ‘Split’ mode, all you need is to highlight the area and the ‘navigator’ icon will pop and then, when you click, you’ll be able to see it in your ‘script’ panel. To accompany you with this tool are Live View and Live Code, where you can see changes on the fly because Adobe has integrate browser engine to the application and Live Code, is to see the changes of the codes that happen especially if you’re working with Ajax. The picture on the left shows Live Code.

Lastly, the thing that me and sabau wait for the most. Flash. Well of course some of the features that Paul Burnet demo-ed , in this event, he demonstrated it again and add more sweetness to it. Additional thing that i’ve discovered. Just realized that there were predefined Graph Settings that can be chosen in Motion Editor. The way he explain Object-Based Animation has wow-ed the audience. The girls behind me acting like they saw a handsome guy winking & flirting at them, going ooohhh and wooooww and ‘wow can do that??’ during this session.

Brandon have a proof of that moment, here are one video. .

They close the session with ‘Best Kept Secret of CS4’ where all trio of evangelist do their extra stuff. Tim Cole demonstrate he can do a Flash Flipbook with Indesign and also Flash Animation. Then, putting the video inside Photoshop 3D layer. Karl Soule with Premiere layer effetcs and Puppet Tool in After Effects. Paul Burnet with sweet Pixel Bender demonstrating the effects produced by 1Kb file.

lastly, they close the day with lucky draw and ya, smashpop owns the Master . Congrats!

Now, I’m installing this 30-Day Trial of Master Collection to get a grasp of this new brilliant thing. This article does demonstrate that users are going to slam your app for marketing this way a

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  1. chingy Says:

    I WANT CS4!!!!111oneoneone

  2. smashpOp Says:

    chingy…. come steal MINE! hhaahahhaah

  3. anarm Says:

    CS4 best guna.. tp photoshop mcm berat skit..

  4. bluefrog© Says:


  5. Rames Says:

    best of softwares lol

  6. Tekong Says:

    chingy – ask smashpop
    smashpop -go hiding for chingy will seek for you like a hunter who cant stop
    anarm – berat ke.. mcm lg ringan je… lg laju lak tu.
    bluefrog – CS4 = Cool Stuff \m/ ^_^ \m/
    rames – ya i seriously think like that also. the merging of macromedia and adobe really push themselves forward

  7. zafee Says:

    aku tasempat gune cs3 lg da kluar dah uuuuu

  8. chingy Says:

    Can you disclose your location? Bwhahahaha. Then I’ll come up with a plan to steal. Ngekngekngek.

  9. Muid Latif Says:

    I have to agree about the conference. it’s one of most exciting yet inspiring. I never know how easy to do a widget via Fireworks, too bad i only got the Adobe CS3 Design Premium.

    Others seen is of course, Perez & Fozy (from DMP), KukuBesi, Rames, Danny Foo, and few members from Yahoo! Malaysia Flickr Group.

    It was nice seeing you guys too 😉 let’s CS4, cool stuff! 😛

    – Muid

  10. Tekong Says:

    zafee – pakai je cs4 terus.. terus lompat
    chingy – include me in ur plan but pls don’t tell anyone i’m involved :p
    muid – bro nice seeing you too 😀 Waaa tak sempat nak cam Perez ngan Kukubesi.

  11. Danny Foo Says:

    I’ll CS4 the Malaysian way for the time being. Company can’t afford it at the moment – especially a startup with no government funding. ROFL!

    But yes, glad to meet you know and at least I know who to look for in our next gathering. :)

    P.S: I’ll most definitely attend future Adobe launches cause the whole thing was so exciting! And I want that MASTERS COLLECTION, damnit! ROFL!

  12. Tekong Says:

    dannyfoo – why u didn’t go for any mdec funding? and by the time u attend future Adobe events, the moment u got CS4 Masters, the next day they’ll be launching CS5.. LOL!

  13. Zack Says:

    hey man, u know where can i buy Adobe Photoshop CS4 Master Collection in Sabah? =)

  14. Tekong Says:

    Zack – Hi. Hmm unsure about that. Why not asking for a delivery from KL ?

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