Start Up Camp KL Review!

One word – extremelyawesome ( well it was two words :p )

So on 22-23 november, there was start-up camp KL at Plug & Play, The Gardens Mid Valley. I came pretty late. The place was jampacked. Too much jampacked like BarCamp KL, Malaysia last July. Upon arrival I met Missy_blurkit securing over the registration counter. Then, met the familiar faces such as Kelly the werewolf and Iris, she’s not a werewolf.

Then, I straight away start my day by listening to Uncle Bugs from ( Malaysian Association of Creativity & Innovation ) with his talk – Turn Your Ideas into Innovation. I really must said he was amazing. He turn his ideas into profitable business and evenmore, he doesn’t have any formal education after SPM. He’s working with his father at mechanical store and was forced to find different ways to more solution. I love his naming scheme, Katapilla and fan ( what i forgot ). He also nurture his children to become inventor and from what his children achieving now, both of them are on track to become successful inventor.

this is a long post anyway, click more ya.

Next, move into Khailee session entitled The Entrepreneur Myth. Regrouping with , the Django Kid.  was sitting casually and telling the myth of when he start to run his business. The most kickass words on his session is

people want to have a business, but do people want to succeed in business?

Well yeah of course. I always hear that statement also. Everyone dream to have a business, but most of time, did they work to succeed in business? They dare to dream but didn’t dare to move on. Another his point was

after I take the first step in entrepreneurship, there’s still thousands miles to go on

Can’t help but to nod my head agreeing that point with him.

Next is Demonstration slot. I was thinking that Daniel Cerventus will be the first demonstrator, only to realize he’s rushing to buy prize for best speakers. Then, it was my turn. I think I was a bit sloppy and my kungfu that time was bit fugly. Here below is my slideshow

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then, after finish my talk, I’ve become like a bluetooth server because everyone was asking to to their phone. It was great!. Been talking with several people discussing about the application. There’s this one guy sharing what he did last 2-3 years that was similiar to my application but only available in PDA and like to see we will grow with this application.


(pic by Richard Azlan Abas/)

It was really-really a great feeling. Thank you all to my attendees and especially to Roni for engaging me with some questions.

Next the lunch was served. Met limyh from and some several familiar faces like Ken Siong, Arzumy, Ditesh, Bytebot, Danevo ( Daniel the barcamp werewolf ) Swee Meng, , and many more. After lunch, I’m attending ‘45 years of Technopreneurs in Malaysia‘ by Richard Abas. Man, he really deserve to won the best speaker. Eventhough we were laughing all the way, but it really has a hard-hitting points in his slides. He also gave some Black Fury and suggest that this event ( global entrepreneurship week / Startupcamp kl ) shall been organized more often. here are his slides +

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Then, after his slot, I’m waiting for him to discuss on several things but only to discover he’s having lunch with his family. So while charging up my Eruda at one pole, came and and Syahruzzaman. All three of them were in So we ended up talking rubbish with me and Azraai. We named our talk, Smalltalk. I’ve show them terminal and Coda and discussing which to choose between Coda, TextMate and Dreamweaver. Then, we come up with one idea on how to make money by organizing a huge Wedding Event involving at least 10-20 couples.. I lol’ed but it was a pretty achievable business model in my humble opinion :p

After our small talk, saw Richard but to discover someone was already talking with him. It’s okay. Spend my time leaning on the door at Social technopreneur room with . Then, spend the evening discussing and trading some experience and ideas with Richard. Must say this, will be the next noble thing. My brain was almost smoked after Richard explains all the thing about his project. Really. One of his favorite statement is ( sounds like this )

Passion is like a drugs. If you missing it, something not right and you’ll keep looking for it. That’s passion.

I end my 1st day by playing werewolf, where I was bitten to death after Ditesh was bitten. On my way back, I’m kung-fu in inside the elevatorand get to know Jaf Faizal from that gave his talk on Day 2 and Mukhzani Jauhari from , and only to realize that Mukhzani was friend of Mr Badrol, my Academic Advisor in MMU. The world is really small and yes, it was just awesome.

The next day, sunday, I start my day by not attending to any talks until lunchtime because I’m helping Joan Lai from AIA installing the mobile guide into her PDA. HTC touch. It works woooot!! below is the picture of her htc and she’s playing Orang Bunian, one of our mobile game submitted for Playyoo and scored #11 in the world, i mean you.


Then, I spend my time playing with Magic Color. There’s this uncle bring his game and many people trying to solve it. I’m having a hard time solving the brown color practically because of my minor-color-blind. I kept putting the pieces on the wrong places. Then, after lunch,  attending  ‘of legal stuff and start-ups’ by chris tan, another great speaker. He reveals that in partnership, no matter how much % that person have, it doesnt reflect the % of responsibility in the company.

in example, if A has 30% and B has 70% and B did something wrong on behalf company, A also was 100% responsible for the act of B on behalf a company.

Another brilliant example is his waving hands. Communication between 2 person must connect, just like clapping ur hand. Wave ur hand and if both of your hands are not connecting/collide, there will no sounds of clapping. Brilliant action of analogy. Met Jerry Ong grabbing my arms like a police and find me clueless about him lol. I’ve followed him on twitter and he’s the person behind

And lastly, I attend talk by Devan Singram, . Make no mistake, it’s Elevyn not Evelyn so the pronounciation is the same as ‘eleven’. It was a social project that help to elevate the lives of the rural people. The rural people make handicraft at cheap price and make a living by only less than RM 10. Elevyn also aimed to give 85% of the product selling to the community thus, will push the community life standards to rise. Another noble initiative I must say.

Lastly, the day ends with me walking with Goki, a guy who run a tuition centre in Selayang. Another elevator kung-fu in action, it was a school holiday and I suggest to him that rather than teaching/tuition-ing the students the same subjects, it was a detour and refreshing to the students to teach them side skills such as using computer software like microsoft word, excel, or even teach them on how to blogging (wth~!). This way, the student didn’t felt bored or tension because they were just a kid. They have 6-7 weeks of holidays and the remaining of their holiday shall not be burdened with subjects from school.

He really thanked me for that idea, and yesterday, I think I’m slowly learning on how to become Social Entrepreneur, aspired by the noble act of Elevyn. Afterall, i really, really-really didn’t think about money, beautiful things make money :)

Thanks to for organizing this event in conjunction with Global Entrepreneurship Week. Start-Up Camp really rocks and see you guys in !

P/S: if you curious/have no clue with my word kung-fu on the article above, when I said kung-fu at not-related at all sentences ( with the real kung-fu), it means I’m pitching my ideas. . That kungfu statement is originally derived from my Yahoo-Kungfu tshirts. Saying pitching was bit, ordinary. Period. Oei, who has since returned to freedom high, said he hadn’t been given any guidance about how to deal with such issues a

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  1. Jerry Ong Says:

    Hey man! nice to see you in person at Start Up Camp too :)

  2. ehsanhanafi Says:

    keep it up..
    ko kwn yg stakat nih bleh aku salute dan boleh diganggekan..

  3. ehsanhanafi Says:

    typing error..

  4. waniee Says:

    ehsan, diganggekan ekceli sound sexierrrr.. hehehe
    but i second ur statement
    momochi, keeep rocking babeh!!!!!!!!!!! hope to be joining u at these gaths one day!!!

  5. Tekong Says:

    jerryong – hey hey it was also a blur moment though hehe. hope can catch with you soon 😀

    ehsanhanafi – gangge gangge :p thx for the support :)

    waniee – jom la barcamp JB.. tp tak fully confirm lagi. takpe tahun depan mesti ade la.

  6. Verne Says:

    Nice meeting you too man! 😀

  7. Tekong Says:

    verne – where’s jules? :p nice meeting u too

  8. NaS Says:

    cool review. nice to have finally stumbled upon you last Sunday. later dude!nn1nn1

  9. richard abas Says:

    Thanx for the nice comments, i enjoyed your session on Sunday! Follow your passion!

  10. oDiN Says:

    my kung fu still suck

  11. Tekong Says:

    nas – good to see u in person :) have a nice holiday yah
    richard abas – I’m addicted to drugs that’s named ‘passion’ 😀
    odin – elele konon2 ur kungfu suck, but u r Very Important Programmer #3 😀

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