Portfolio Update – Arasmega.com

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah and peace be upon you visitors. Such a sunny hot day here in Malaysia, and we’re glad to tell you we’ve also getting hot with business. Hope the same with you guys.

Last February, we’ve receive a request from Aras Mega (M) Sdn Bhd to provide them an E-Commerce solution which is to transform their existing website into an online shopping website of their products. They’re the book publisher of some school text-books, Aulad magazine, and much more. Since they’re having a bad time with their previous Content Management System (CMS) they wanted it to become as simple as possible and that suited us very well, since we built-to-order custom CMS.

They also have problem with previous Payment Gateway system, where they have to reach certain amount to cash-out. So we’ve decided to use NetBuilder System, who won MSC-Apicta Award.

So the website runs in PHP, using CodeIgniter framework. Our service for this website including

  1. Developing Custom Content Management System
  2. Database Integration
  3. Backend Programming + AJAX + Mootools
  4. Website Interface + Design
  5. Payment Gateway Integration

We’d surprise the client on how easy for them to manage their sidebars, their banners, and also arrangements of their book preview using Mootools. With a single click of button, they’ll be able to update the postage rates. Of course I can’t let you guys to access to test the admin site but if you have related projects or wanna see our Custom-CMS developed for them, just ask for appointment with me, with a coffee :p

Log on to their which is officially launched and running + kicking, since Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair ’09. That’s just a week before today 😀

We’ve also proud to announce that our company profile, updated, available for download. !

Thanks for reading. Wishing all of you guys a happy day and in best of wealth and health for you and your family :) Chia predicts more districts are going to feel pressed to change the way they think about leadership a

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Adobe Design Premium Student Edition Media Briefing

Today, is the most happiest day,that is  if I were still a student. Unfortunately not.

I was invited to Adobe Design Premium Student Edition Media Briefing alongside with & at Islamic Art Museum, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Ashley Wearne, Managing Director of Adobe Systems just announced a new price slash for Adobe Design Premium Student Edition. From RM2359, it’s slashed to RM399. That’s about 80% price slash. I was a student previously. With that price, I can simply bought it. My money during younger days always wasted to computer peripherals. But, now students in higher institution will be able to bought it, at cheap price!


//Available for both Windows and Macintosh platforms, the Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design Premium Student Edition software contains full versions of the following products: Adobe InDesign® CS4, Adobe Photoshop® CS4 Extended, Adobe Illustrator® CS4, Adobe Dreamweaver® CS4, Adobe Flash® CS4 Professional, Adobe Fireworks® CS4, Adobe Acrobat® 9 Pro, Adobe Bridge CS4, Adobe Device Central CS4 and Adobe Version Cue® CS4.

Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design Premium Student Edition provides a comprehensive suite of design tools that allow students to express their ideas and create innovative school and personal projects. Students can deliver rich creative experiences across print, Web, interactive and mobile media with ease.

“At Adobe, we recognize that digital media skills are very important for the young generation in Malaysia, and we want to do our part by equipping them with essential communication tools that can help their careers in the future,” said Ashley Wearne, managing director for South East Asia at Adobe. “Adobe Creative Suite software is widely used around the world by both creative and other industry professionals.

“We hope that by introducing the Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design Premium Student Edition software, we make it more affordable and accessible for the students, which in turn will help cultivate their creative talent and make them more competitive in today’s workforce.”

Students, get your software for just RM399 at Sapura Marketing Sdn Bhd ( 03-89480066 )and for your information, there’s a Sapura Shop inside MMU Cyberjaya selling Apple! And when they sell Apple usually they also selling Adobe. I think MMU & LimKokWing student can get it there. Else, go to your nearest Mac City (012-2322010)

RM400 is a steal! Teachers deemed ineffective under the system can be dismissed, while those scoring at the minimally effective buy custom essay level, the second-lowest, get one year to improve a

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‘Strobe’ – Adobe Video Player Framework

In an attractive nutshell (LOL-money) – Strobe provides new delivery and monetization options for video distribution. Anyone can develop modules that plug into Strobe media players and enable things like advertising insertion, content delivery and syndication, micropayments, viewer authentication, transaction handling, and business model controls. With an open framework, the future of web video monetization can be developed collaboratively with lower costs and faster turnaround.
longer news after the jump. even it’s a long news, it’s still a cool stuff.

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Lightning Talk: Everywhere is your Office – Mobile Office

First – Lightning Talk is a short presentation within 5-10 minutes. Unlike other presentations, lightning talks last only a few minutes and several will usually be delivered in a single period by different speakers. – Okay during BarCamp KL 4-5 April, I’m giving a session entitled “Everywhere is your office – Mobile Office” but the people who coming aren’t that many. The reason why is because other speakers was also delivering great titles like Bytebot and Daniel. Since some people, like Carolyn, Melvin, and others also missed my talk, I’m thinking to recap and shrink my presentation to Lightning Talk Style.

But then, as what Odin said, I’m too draggy. LOL. Whatever, please enjoy my lightning talk :)

Haha picking up a Japanese Girl, I’m so totally off LOL!

To see more lightning talk during Barcamp KL – .

In new york city, where they’ve been concentrating on strategies for reading comprehension, practicing reading, and explicit instruction on the reading-comprehension skills, they’ve elevated the achievement of children


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Barcamp KL Day 2

So the day starts early as I was sleeping over at INTI College, with fellow barcampers, less than 10-15 people. Some I could recalled are Swee meng, Sharief, Eric, Daniel, Kagesenshi, Ah Hong, and others. Wake up at 8, only to discover the turnover of audience was pretty low, well perhaps because last night ( saturday ) was a rainstorm and people going home and collapse lol. Nonetheless, the nice nasik lemak that morning doesn’t doze me off during the whole morning.

But please enjoy first this video that was created on the night of Day 1 by Backpackr.

Start the morning at 10. I’m listening to Asyraf about Agile Development. Thanks to that gave talk about Agile last 2008, I was able to share the experience of me becoming a bystander to see a growth of Mr CTO/faisal_arbain and odin88. (). While CTO is programmer by nature and not attended any official courses about programming, and Odin88 is a student of programming, its extremely good to see a combination of two sides, Logic alone doesn’t enough, thanks to Odin88’s assistance for some commenting, and programming, it does help sabau a lot. . At the end of the session Asyraf plays an inspiring video from Honda. You can make 1000 fail and 1 succeed.

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