BarCamp KL Day 1

So I start the day pretty late coming into silverlight sessions by Kok Chian and another Silverlight developer. I can see the increase of Silverlight portfolios and they also introduce a new format called XBAP with the example can be seen on

Next, I’m attended Right Ideas Left by . He talks about getting the ideas. Input from is that to do ideation when you’re lazying. When you feel don’t want to do nothing, try to think and churn up some ideas. Cool session but went out a bit early because twits about Travel Tips by .

So went to Preetam’s session halfway. He was talking about getting the famous twitter in certain places for they could become your tourguide. Of course, since much of us were geeks who twits much, having another twitter in another country would be helpful and he even recommending some twitters in Cambodia and Phnom Penh if you’re going to travel there.

Next, I continue to stay at that room to listen to Jani who is from wiki travel. He was sharing his projects about wikitravel that also become published as travel books. Inside his wiki-travel-books,  he also included some cultural-facts like from what I can recall, from that book it was stated that compared to another ASEAN country, Singaporean dresscode are pretty revealing but still, the public can’t appear naked in the beaches. LOLed!

Attend it halfway then I jumped to MAD over Mobile Apps by Gerald Lim. He was talking about mobile technologies and telling people that mobile is the next big industry. Always heard that. He’s also promoting about Nokia Calling All Innovators and persuade the audience to have ideas about mobile apps, and to make a product, and make money out of it.

Then it was my session. Self-diagnostic, it was pretty draggy with me tell the audience about my story of going mobile before I explaining about the tips of keep your motivation and also being productive without the tools that usually hanging around and handy with you.

View more from .

my slides will be uploaded later on, because I’m thinking to give a second shot of my mobile office = lightning talk style. compressed 60 minutes to 6 minutes

Then, having lunch with Richard and before went to Lightning Talks. The first talk was by some guy talking about hackerspace. Next is Richard who were talking about Kufi Squares and also engaged some interest with BarCampers. One BarCamper from Chicago ( if i’m not mistaken ) giving the ideas to Richard to do a board game. Because Kufi is all about Square.

Next lightning talk speakers was about Co-Working. The same stuff like last year but oh well, now there’s a lot of newcomers so it’s still a fresh insight for them. I intentionally want to come after him to give another shot of my talks – Mobile Office, lightning talk style which is much more shorter but of course, there’s a turn haha. So after him, it was Preetam Rai. He always talk about something extremely out of the box and today he’s talking about Hole in a Wall.

Hole in a Wall is a project by some IT giants in idea with conjunction from their Education ministry. That IT giants dig up a hole in the wall and stuff it with PC. This places is usually located at slum area. Know Slumdog Millionaire? Some areas like that. So the kids will get attracted, and used the pc in groups. They will have multiple input as in

Kid A: he will control the mouse
Kid B: he may steal control the keyboard
Kid C: instruct this two fella

and imagine these three kids, will go back to their home, and tell others about their experience

and tell others… and tell others

Sounds like MLM. hell no. MLM requires u to pay lol but this is free MLM. Free education.

The Preetam introduce us with tools to teach the kids to program called Scratch. It can teach kids some simple programming, even the looping lol. Try it.

Next is Arzumy with ‘running wedding without being hospitalized. ‘ He was sharing his experience during his wedding. Next is Anthony Umann wth Goverment 2.0 & Social Media. Finally, the lightning talks ends with one speaker, Han, talking about Poetry Jam. He’s even reciting his poetry.

Next, I’ve just hopping lazily to Kenne Wong Session promoting some stuff. The coolness thing is his 3M micro projector, which is the one being used in the TED = Sixth Sense. Next I’ve attended Khairil Zhafri session entitled Building Robust Democracy Internet. Some serious stuff going inside there. He was pushing for the government accountability to made public at the website. It was pretty interesting to get me stucked in until Carolyn twits about coffee.

That’s it.. I’m heading to Azim Pawanchik talks about coffee making but unable to test it :( Ask him how if I want to start having my own espresso maker. The cheapest machine is around RM1000++ something and bought the Illy beans that is pretty good, or can bought the beans from popular coffee shops. He’s also suggest that there’s some cheapest solution as in Normal-Pressed coffee.

Later when I’ve settled down and having my own house, espresso machine is a must 😀

Then, heading to Old Taste White Coffee to show Odin the results of his pair-programming with Sabau for our client. Altogether with Azraai, these two kids was fighting over Django, Java, Python…. geeks

And that’s end the report of BarCampKL Day 1. FYI, I’m sleeping over inside Kolej INTI because I’m lazy to went back to Cyberjaya. Cheeaun, who was inside my talk just call this as my mobile bed hahahah

Buzzing off. See you tomorrow, BarCamp KL Day 2. Oh I’m updating it from my Celcom Daily Broadband RM6. Why? this place got slow interwebs :( For more updates, just visit And apparently, even that wasn’t enough he told me he’s considering two more years a

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  1. Carolyn Chan Says:

    Very entertaining update. Thank you.

  2. Bat Says:

    Barcamp kali ni nampak macam lebih bervariasi..Sayangnya tak dapat nak hadir, how sad, uhuhuhu…

    Saya sangat jeles. Oh~

  3. NaS Says:

    excellent coverage! nampak sendat jer bilik… seb baik A/C tak kaput mcm time ideashare @ penang 😉

  4. Chip Says:

    Hehe I almost forget Light Talk at BarCampKL, it’s damn funny! Thanks for your post. Waiting for all BarCampKL’s slides to be uploaded.

  5. Kennee Says:

    Thanks to #Naz for the cool live video streaming from his handphone to my 3M MicroProjector!
    Will get the best pricing for the WD Mac Passport bro :)

  6. Tekong Says:

    carolyn – and thanks to your qik 😀

    bat – yes dpt membuatkan ko merasa sedih hehe.. takpe. leh follow kat website nnt

    nas – sejuk mengigil adalah. gaga.

    chip – OMG were u also at barcampkl last year? How come I din’t met you :p

    Kennee – no rush. that item might be after espresso maker lol :p

  7. Thailand Says:

    Would you kindly translate your blog into German because I’m not so comfortable reading it in English? I’m getting tired of using Google Translate all the time, there is a cool WP plugin called like global translator which will translate all your pages by default- that would make reading posts on your awesome blog even more pleasant. Cheers dude, Thailand!

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