Barcamp KL Day 2

So the day starts early as I was sleeping over at INTI College, with fellow barcampers, less than 10-15 people. Some I could recalled are Swee meng, Sharief, Eric, Daniel, Kagesenshi, Ah Hong, and others. Wake up at 8, only to discover the turnover of audience was pretty low, well perhaps because last night ( saturday ) was a rainstorm and people going home and collapse lol. Nonetheless, the nice nasik lemak that morning doesn’t doze me off during the whole morning.

But please enjoy first this video that was created on the night of Day 1 by Backpackr.

Start the morning at 10. I’m listening to Asyraf about Agile Development. Thanks to kamal fariz that gave talk about Agile last 2008, I was able to share the experience of me becoming a bystander to see a growth of Mr CTO/faisal_arbain and odin88. (tweets here). While CTO is programmer by nature and not attended any official courses about programming, and Odin88 is a student of programming, its extremely good to see a combination of two sides, Logic alone doesn’t enough, thanks to Odin88’s assistance for some commenting, and programming, it does help sabau a lot. I’ve blogged about this previously in my personal blog. At the end of the session Asyraf plays an inspiring video from Honda. You can make 1000 fail and 1 succeed.

Oh I also spend another RM6 for this day to get connected and twitt-ed :(

Anyway I saw Khairul Nizam from Agenda Asia, and it really clear a lot of my question when that night, I was reading the barcamp sessions schedule and realize the name of Ellynita Lamin, which has the same name father. I don’t think it’s a merely coincidence of same name but when he turns up that morning, it has been answered lol.

During that whole time, some other twitter reporters twit that Room 3 was flaming lol. They’re promoting some MLM stuff. Good move by Jani, who standup and shut up and leave. Well in barcamp, people vote by your own feet. It’s not rude to leave the room. And please never preach about MLM stuff, you’ll be thrown out of the room.

Next session I’ve attended is Ellynita Lamin. She’s a Social Entrepreneur, where she talks about “Interactive social experiments and simulations”. It was more like a sharing session of her experience doing social responsibility, such as developing Acheh, Indonesia. Know what, Acheh will be wired with Fiber Optics. Acheh’s town much alike Malacca. Richard was asking ” how do you juggle with responsibilities and she answered = spending time with grounded. LOL. She as an assistance, the girl beside his brother ( khairul nizam ) and another one guy infront right of Carolyn Chan.Ellynita also recommend some books, and one of them is Egonomics.

Then, I think I became a bit bored and decide to check out Silverlight > Flex, and at that moment Ellynita asking the participants to do something with paper given. Like a bad student who hates lectures, I switch to Silverlight > Flex and yes, giving the impression of bad student hahahah. Know what, when I’m switching, they’re about to finish. And that time, Mozilla guys giving the stickers and tshirts so the whole environment a bit crazy. Who hates free stuff? As the speaker for Silverlight > Flex and Developing Casual games were the same guy, TC Wu, I’ve decided to stay.

TC Wu sharing his experience and some tips to make money for developing games. Know what? simple stupid games and apps for iPhone or iPod touch do sells. Those casual games which keep user got addicted. He also told that to publish those games at AppStore/Itunes on Wednesday Night and Friday night, just because on Friday night, those who doesn’t have any dates, will download it. ROFL! Then he also stated that XBox SDK is free, but the problem is we waste our resources first before get approved to get published. But no worries, if you game is freakingly excellent, Microsoft will buy your company so don’t you worry about them stealing your ideas. There’s also a difference between developing games for Xbox Live and the other, probvably becayse XboX Live has Achivement records. Achivement will drove the games hunger for it so it’s an attraction and persuasion for gamers to kept playing. As for Pirated issue, his opinion is make the game pirate to get many potential real buyers. A game was pirated in Flash and sells well in Xbox Live. Brilliant.

Lucky I’m subscribed Celcom Daily Unlimited Broadband for that day so I’ve demonstrated what Unity can do. Unity is somewhat like a game-maker software with prebuilt settings and extremely user friendly to use. I’ve loaded Raptor-Safari that was created using Unity. later, we, me and TC Wu, were co-operating in discussing games with audience, and I’ve showed them User-Content-Generated-game = Atmosphir that won TechCrunch Startup Award last year. You have to be registered to play it, because it’s still in closed beta.

Then, we’ve headed for lunch and rejoined with Amran/Zenpipe and his gang. Having Subway for lunch with 2 cookies each of us. Then continue to the most awaiting session, lightning talk.

So I’m a bit late for lightning talk. The first is by Preetam Rai, unsure what is about. The second is by Gen Kanai. The price of monoculture. i’m unable to twit at this time because I’m running out of battery, both of handphone and laptop, because I’m using it alot inside previous session. I gave a short version of my talk, and check out the video here.

The video was taken by Carolyn, and it includes Preetam Rai, Gen Kanai from Mozilla, and me.

If you can’t wait long, click here for my lightning talk in clearer version, facebook video, courtesy from Aizatto.

Then, I’ve stayed at the same room to charge my phone and laptop, and it was Fareez Shahfiqar slot about ‘You can start small’. Inside, he engage his audience to share about embarking a new business venture as startups. One of his keypoint is that Youth nowadays has become too choosy to do work and just wanted to do the cool work. Try asking a teenager to choose Kuew Teow cooker and bet, they will didn’t take it. Richard made a statement : getting Wife and girlfriend was a lot more easier then getting the right business because you’ll never knew what happen afterwards. One guy was also sharing his ideas that if anyone outside KL, bring their stuff from their states, and bring it into KL. Even Keropok Lekor delivery is making profitable business.

I was waiting for the Japanese Language slot but only to discover that the speaker isn’t there. So the room turns to be about game talks, lightning talk style . Preetam Rai have another projects call Global Voices Online. They need a Malay Language translator to translate as many news to many languages.  @cerventus @bytebot & @kamal was featured to follow in twitter by @preetamrai

Then after that, there’s a lucky draw.  iPod Nano – grabbed by @angch . I got free hosting by @zenpipe yay. This is the last update about barcamp day 2.

Know what, Barcamp Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia has been featured as Spotlight in Slideshare and my slideshow for this Barcamp has been selected as Top Presentation of The Day and being featured 😀 See all barcamp slides here.


Kudos to BarcampKL Organizers for good job, and also to the campers! See you in the next barcamp :)

//read more updates at official Barcamp Malaysia Website, or the barcampers blog that’s been updated by AndyGoh, Marvin Lee for OpenSocial Hackathon, Bernard Leong, Bytebot, Backpackr, Demonick, David Lian, and don’t forget to check Carolyn Qik Video too.

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  1. Alex Says:

    Thanks for linking to the video that I did. It’s great to see you’re reporting in detail what was going on, so that others who didn’t attend can also follow along.

  2. Marvin Lee Says:

    Yeah, great report. Too bad I missed your session but fortunately there’s the video.
    It was a beneficial event for first time campers like me and seeing actual people offline.
    Looking forward to the next barcamp. :-)

  3. amran Says:

    Wahh, menang hosting ahh. Sapa lagi ko tau yang menang ? Nanti contact aku untuk pilih domain.

  4. demonick Says:

    Thanks for the link up! :)

  5. Tekong Says:

    alex – sharing information is caring 😀

    marvinlee – Welcome to nerdnation lol :p See you on the next barcamp!

    amran – tak ingat.. aku dah tired gila babeng time tu

    demonick – sure 😀

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