Adobe Design Premium Student Edition Media Briefing

Today, is the most happiest day,that is  if I were still a student. Unfortunately not.

I was invited to Adobe Design Premium Student Edition Media Briefing alongside with & at Islamic Art Museum, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Ashley Wearne, Managing Director of Adobe Systems just announced a new price slash for Adobe Design Premium Student Edition. From RM2359, it’s slashed to RM399. That’s about 80% price slash. I was a student previously. With that price, I can simply bought it. My money during younger days always wasted to computer peripherals. But, now students in higher institution will be able to bought it, at cheap price!


//Available for both Windows and Macintosh platforms, the Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design Premium Student Edition software contains full versions of the following products: Adobe InDesign® CS4, Adobe Photoshop® CS4 Extended, Adobe Illustrator® CS4, Adobe Dreamweaver® CS4, Adobe Flash® CS4 Professional, Adobe Fireworks® CS4, Adobe Acrobat® 9 Pro, Adobe Bridge CS4, Adobe Device Central CS4 and Adobe Version Cue® CS4.

Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design Premium Student Edition provides a comprehensive suite of design tools that allow students to express their ideas and create innovative school and personal projects. Students can deliver rich creative experiences across print, Web, interactive and mobile media with ease.

“At Adobe, we recognize that digital media skills are very important for the young generation in Malaysia, and we want to do our part by equipping them with essential communication tools that can help their careers in the future,” said Ashley Wearne, managing director for South East Asia at Adobe. “Adobe Creative Suite software is widely used around the world by both creative and other industry professionals.

“We hope that by introducing the Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design Premium Student Edition software, we make it more affordable and accessible for the students, which in turn will help cultivate their creative talent and make them more competitive in today’s workforce.”

Students, get your software for just RM399 at Sapura Marketing Sdn Bhd ( 03-89480066 )and for your information, there’s a Sapura Shop inside MMU Cyberjaya selling Apple! And when they sell Apple usually they also selling Adobe. I think MMU & LimKokWing student can get it there. Else, go to your nearest Mac City (012-2322010)

RM400 is a steal! Teachers deemed ineffective under the system can be dismissed, while those scoring at the minimally effective buy custom essay level, the second-lowest, get one year to improve a

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