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Assalamualaikum warahmatullah and peace be upon you visitors. Such a sunny hot day here in Malaysia, and we’re glad to tell you we’ve also getting hot with business. Hope the same with you guys.

Last February, we’ve receive a request from Aras Mega (M) Sdn Bhd to provide them an E-Commerce solution which is to transform their existing website into an online shopping website of their products. They’re the book publisher of some school text-books, Aulad magazine, and much more. Since they’re having a bad time with their previous Content Management System (CMS) they wanted it to become as simple as possible and that suited us very well, since we built-to-order custom CMS.

They also have problem with previous Payment Gateway system, where they have to reach certain amount to cash-out. So we’ve decided to use NetBuilder System, who won MSC-Apicta Award.

So the website runs in PHP, using CodeIgniter framework. Our service for this website including

  1. Developing Custom Content Management System
  2. Database Integration
  3. Backend Programming + AJAX + Mootools
  4. Website Interface + Design
  5. Payment Gateway Integration

We’d surprise the client on how easy for them to manage their sidebars, their banners, and also arrangements of their book preview using Mootools. With a single click of button, they’ll be able to update the postage rates. Of course I can’t let you guys to access to test the admin site but if you have related projects or wanna see our Custom-CMS developed for them, just ask for appointment with me, with a coffee :p

Log on to their which is officially launched and running + kicking, since Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair ’09. That’s just a week before today 😀

We’ve also proud to announce that our company profile, updated, available for download. !

Thanks for reading. Wishing all of you guys a happy day and in best of wealth and health for you and your family :) Chia predicts more districts are going to feel pressed to change the way they think about leadership a

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  1. Nazri :// Mysight - What I See is What You Get » Blog Archive » Kaitan Poligami & Poli-Niaga Says:

    […] Bacaan lanjut tentang website ini di blog syarikat kami. […]

  2. Amran Says:

    Congrats on the release. Nice , but I would prefer the header / navigation is smaller, because I couldn’t see the content when I click the navigation although I’ve large resolution. Maybe you can try a usability test with someone that never use that website to see what I’m talking about.

    Anyway. nice.

  3. Tekong Says:

    amran – thanks for the feedback 😀

  4. Danny Foo Says:

    Hey tekong, could you pass me the contact of the Procurement Manager? I’ve a friend looking to provide a solution to publishers. Cheers. :)

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