Try Masak Flash Lite Demo

Previously you’ve might seen Try Masak Flash Lite Touch Screen in action. This is the real game without Touch Screen

Stay tuned for official announcement of where u can play it on your mobile 😀

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Adobe Releases Flash Platform Media and Text Frameworks as Open Source

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA — July 22, 2009 –  Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced two new Adobe® Flash® Platform open source initiatives for developers, media companies and publishers. Open Source Media Framework (OSMF), part of the project previously code named Strobe, enables developers to quickly and easily build more robust, feature-rich media players optimized for the Adobe Flash Platform.

The Text Layout Framework (TLF) will help developers bring sophisticated typography capabilities to Web applications. Both OSMF and TLF are now freely available as open source software, helping content owners extend their online media efforts as they look to create new business opportunities and monetization strategies for publishing on the Web.
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Let’s Try Masak!

Check out our new Flash Game developed for

screenshot_04 2scale600

You need to register to play. Click here to play Try Masak – The Game.

And lookie lookie what we experimented below 😉

The dialog at the end just a frequent joke that iPhone can’t play Flash :p That is Nokia Xpress Music Touch.

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Adobe ColdFusion 9 and ColdFusion Builder Public Betas Now Available

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA — July 14, 2009 –  Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced the public betas of Adobe® ColdFusion® 9 and ColdFusion® Builder® software.

Cold Fusion 9, a powerful development technology for building dynamic Web sites and Internet applications, increases developer productivity, integrates with complex enterprise environments and delivers rich and interactive experiences for users. ColdFusion Builder is a new Eclipse based integrated development environment (IDE) used for rapidly developing ColdFusion applications.

ColdFusion developers can now utilize greater integration with the Adobe® Flash® Platform, a complete system of integrated tools, frameworks, clients and servers for the development of Web applications, content and video that runs consistently across operating systems and devices.

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Seriously see you there :)

Promo Card_WK2_betul copymarker

Why so serious? Oh well, it’s just two more days and on Friday we’re going to exhibit our stuff and yup, as an Interactive Content Developer, there should be an Interactive way to display our Interactive Wedding Card.

Like what Emmet Brown said, if you’re gonna build a time machine into a car, why not do it with some style?

And we’re going to present our exhibition of our Interactive Wedding Card, the Interactive Way, the way the Interactive Content Developer should do 😀

And see that logo at your left. If you’re one of the techies, you should know. Nonetheless, if you didn’t know about it, then come to our booth to knew about it.

So seriously see you there! 😀 and RSVP here ( you may got your friends already rsvp-ed to go, without you knowing about it )

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