Duit Raya from us: Try Masak Flash Lite game!

Assalamualaikum and Peace Be Upon You visitors.

Finally, our client , TryMasak/Geoflex Sdn Bhd has uploaded our works Try Masak Flash Lite a.k.a for handphone-lah, game.

Bored of waiting on the LRT?
Entertain yourself with
Now available for mobile phones.

Kindly go to their website to download the game :

If you want to play on PC, click here to play .

And that is, our Duit Raya 😀 And our Duit Raya is ‘passable’ so pass it to other else would ya 😀

P/S: previously we gave angpow too – 😀

P P/S: let me give you a cheat – catch all the eggs without fail and see the combo going up :p
Duncan we’re really thinking about nclb reauthorization a

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  1. Nazri :// Mysight – What I See is What You Get » Blog Archive » Iktikaf for Dummies Says:

    […] P/S: Ada handphone Flash-Lite enabled? meh download game Try-Masak karya company […]

  2. Cecil Chun Says:

    Awesome work there. love it!

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