Creating a good film/anime teaser

So before I start preaching, enjoy this trailer to get the kick

Okay here’s the synopsis of Baidir.

One morning Nayah is playing hide and seek with her big brother Baidir, when suddenly the room is destroyed and Nayah has disappeared. Baidir sets off on a wild quest in a fantasy world.

Indeed a short synopsis.

Now let me share with you what I’ve learn during university days. Let’s see the montage, parts by parts

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Wow, Flash Apps to the iPhone

Yesterday, there’s tonnes of big things announced in Adobe Max 2009. The big thing is the announcement about Adobe AIR 2.0, Flash 10.1 and yes, Flash Apps to the iPhone. And check out this funny Adobe MythHackers

Hahah! take that apple. So here’s some quickie updates about Flash that was announced during Adobe MAX 2009

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