Wow, Flash Apps to the iPhone

Yesterday, there’s tonnes of big things announced in Adobe Max 2009. The big thing is the announcement about Adobe AIR 2.0, Flash 10.1 and yes, Flash Apps to the iPhone. And check out this funny Adobe MythHackers

Hahah! take that apple. So here’s some quickie updates about Flash that was announced during Adobe MAX 2009

Flash 10.1

  • – 50% reduction on RAM Usage
  • – possibilities for accelerometer and social networking.
  • – Major phone manufacturer join in to deploy flash on their devices.
  • – Google and RIM joined Open Screen Project. Means there will be Flash for Android and Blackberry.
  • – handles gesture, multitouch application

AIR 2.0

  • – USB Storage device detection
  • – performance increases
  • – native installer support
  • – socket servers
  • – UDP support
  • – increased accessibility

Flash to iPhone

  • – In next Flash Pro CS5
  • – Publish a Flash file to iPhone native code/apps. From the publish setting and that’s it.
  • – not breaching any laws. still need to pay for developer license from Apple to put on AppStore.
  • – Safari iPhone still not supporting Flash. Just that this means you can publish your Flash Apps to run on the iPhone.


In short, we need just to port our available projects or to iPhone native apps, when Flash CS5 released. This means wider reach to the client. As example we’ve did TryMasak/Geoflex that feature an and format for mobile. With Flash CS5 enables developer to publish as iPhone native apps, we see it as another platform to publish TryMasak Game to the iPhone.

Talking about AIR 2.0 that support USB device detection, I was thinking on Poken-AIR-Apps if that possible. Didn’t know Poken? . A resolution is now not expected until next year a

3 Responses to “Wow, Flash Apps to the iPhone”

  1. rezarazali Says:

    And expect to see loads of the spinning rainbows on the iPhone next year :)

  2. Tekong Says:

    rezarazali – spinning rainbows or silverly shining apple icon during boot-up? eh did that iPhone just restarted? :p

  3. rezarazali Says:

    iPhone restart? Punch line tu tak kena rasanya 😛

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