Creating a good film/anime teaser

So before I start preaching, enjoy this trailer to get the kick

Okay here’s the synopsis of Baidir.

One morning Nayah is playing hide and seek with her big brother Baidir, when suddenly the room is destroyed and Nayah has disappeared. Baidir sets off on a wild quest in a fantasy world.

Indeed a short synopsis.

Now let me share with you what I’ve learn during university days. Let’s see the montage, parts by parts


This is the first part/Establishing Shot. The set is in the room. You can see the main character, Baidir, and his sister, Nayan painted together at the back of the door. The door opens and papers flying creating a mysterious set and feel. I think this is Baidir Room.

Establishing Shot – The part that will establish the basis of montage/animation. In this case, the basis is in the room ( refer to the synopsis )


You can see a boy/Baidir, is running on this scene. It adds suspense indeed. Why do he run ?


This is the second emphasis that strengthen the synopsis. Here we see an empty room. Notice the design of the first room ( at the first picture above ) and this room. This room designed more colorful and with dolls. Obviously this is Nayah room, and you can see the emptiness. If you see carefully, you can see there’s a picture of Nayah and Baidir above the window.


Okay another running. But now you can see the set. It is set in distant future, and in modern world. This shot taken to emphasize on the speed and action.


Now we could see in detail, the character. Baidir & Nayah. Take a good look of the characteristic in that picture.


And now the character jump, like a Yamakasi/Parkour/Free Running action. Now when we talk about this kind of action, it’s heavily resembles France as this action . And this production/ Baidir, is from French. Dear Malaysians, this is what it’s mean by Local Content. In a snap, we knew this is France action. It may not from character design but from action.And try to focus on the background later on as you can see the famous identical Eiffel Tower. In this shot we could also see Baidir, as pictured from the previous image ( of him and Nayah )


Now this is the second emphasis to the character design. Notice the character of Nayah and Baidir. Same color when Baidir jumps from the roof. And if you can see the somewhat like a dog in grey at the left, it’s also the same design from the first shot. I’m speculating that dog might be Baidir’s sidekick later on.


And Baidir still jumps, with some birds joining in :p


Now, the trailer introduce Nayah, the girl. See the hair, identical with the sketch.


and Baidir landings, this is the favorite part/camera angle to show Parkour in action.


The previous shot of Nayah zoomed out. You can see her inside some sort of fantasy castle and using the premise of “ I’m a princess so come and save me my hero”


I think this shot/action is what defines their synopsis, ” wild quest”.Nothing beats more than a flashy entrance from top…


.. plus some smokes like a Ninja / Naruto. But this action for me resembles Uchiha Sasuke. The reason I said like that because of the gloves and the muffler covering up to his mouth does resembles him, it’s just me. Anyway, the movement of the character here is pretty deep. Felt that he’s some sort of a pretty strong character.


Finally, we see Baidir, somewhat emotionless.


Off course, he’s now at the fantasy world, wondering where he have to start.

The Recipe

Now, if you see carefully from beginning of the teaser, this teaser use A-B-A formula. Room – Baidir running – Nayah room- Baidir running – Nayah’s pasteboard shows her with baidir – baidir jumping – zoom in pasteboard Nayah + baidir – baidir still jumping side view – Nayah alone – Baidir going down – Nayah zoomed out in a castle – Baidir lands + some smoke + seriousness + in a fantasy world.

If you have sharp ears, try listen to the early beats and listen to the arrangements that they use to ‘cut’ to follow A-B-A formula. Thanks to my lecturer, Mr Ghaz (/ Dottie / Ponti Anak Remaja ) and Mr Woo Ming Jin (Salon / Slovak Sling – 15 Malaysia ) one piece of advice – Cut through the beat.

They did an extremely good teaser that tease the audience to know more. Now if you’re going to do a teaser, make sure it follow all this patterns + . Mise en scene is what helps you define the set and story without telling a single word to the audience, and it’s easily understood. See for every caption I commented on each picture/shot, I did explain the importance of the set and item at the current shot. Actually, composing a teaser/MTV’s much more harder than series/movies because you compress all the things you want to say in an extremely limited time.

Now I’m glued to this Baidir project. Hope it goes well. Can’t wait to see the series. 2D is making it’s comeback indeed. See their website – .

Credits to Zufar, my fellow groupmate in MTV assignment during MMU years to give me this trailer. He currently working on created by Tripod Entertainment.

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