Happy 2nd Birthday, the company :D


7-11, 7 November come again. It’s the date of the incorporation of Flavert Media Lab Sdn Bhd. Today we’re 2nd year. As usual we didn’t throw a party but a small dinner for all of us. Clockwise is me, Art Director Ahmad Faiz, Sakeenah and the husband, our CTO, Faisal Arbain.

We’ve been active for this whole year, and looking forward to productize in the next year. On behalf of the company, sincere gratitude and thanks to family and friends who’ve become our supporters all way along. Not to forget, our dear clients too ! 😀

If you still not one of our , join us now! Or .

These entries also do not include any application data they are simply the actual apps being made available to you so that you can re-download them should you ever want to reinstall them back onto your device


6 Responses to “Happy 2nd Birthday, the company :D”

  1. Mohd Ismail Says:

    congratz! :)

    aku nampak weddingkami ni kalo jadi premium apss kat facebook pun cara juga :) org skang ni trend tag member kat kad kahwin yg diaorg scan

  2. Tekong Says:

    mohdismail – thanks mail. tp yg takleh blah lepas tu bila sorang komen abeh flood notification atau mailbox hehe.

  3. Alessandro Says:


    congratulations and keep it up!!

  4. Tekong Says:

    thanks alessandro 😀

  5. ashraafkomplen Says:


  6. Tekong Says:

    tanks ashraaf 😀

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