Hello 2010

Assalamualaikum & Peace be upon you dear readers and visitors. At the time of this post writing, it is still 4 days remaining before 2010. And as last year’s (2008) end of days post, I’m going to recap what we have done in 2009.

  1. E-Commerce Website + custom CMS – ArasMega (M) Sdn Bhd
  2. TGV Mobile – prototype & featured in Mobile World Magazine March 09
  3. Logo/Corporate Identity – Nurturing Concepts
  4. Weddingkami Wedding Websites – Syazwan & Syazwani
  5. Al-Quran for PSP Malay Translation
  6. Officekami Community Project launching
  7. Try Masak Flash Web & Flash Lite Game – Geoflex Sdn Bhd
  8. Ministry of Eduation Courseware – MMU Cynergy
  9. E-Commerce Website + custom CMS – Brotherhood Arts
  10. Weddingkami Wedding Website – Joe & Dila

Hmm looks like the target of 2009 in doubling the projects can’t be fulfilled. But we added Ahmad Faiz to our team as Art Director.

And the big news for 2010.

We will turn down Flavert activities for a year, to focus on Weddingkami. Weddingkami now is a separate entity from Flavert. Weddingkami is a brand that belongs to WK Wedding Solutions a registered company in Malaysia. In short, Weddingkami is a Interactive Wedding Card presented in spectacular Flash Website with Fantabulous Features as below

  • Event Details
  • Interactive Map
  • Photo Album
  • Wedding Wishes
  • RSVP + Personalized Content
  • Additional Content requested by couples
  • Robust Client Control Panel

Follow @Weddingkami on Twitter and you can see our ‘Become Lovely Obsessive Group’ diary at Blog://Weddingkami.

So wish us luck for Weddingkami. And if you still have enquiries about any web technologies, Flavert will still able to provide consultation to you :)

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Congratulations to ChainFX!

For receiving the award of Most Promising Startup Studio, MSC Malaysia Kre8tif Industry Awards 2009.

ChainFX - Most Promising Startup Studio

They’re founded 2008 but already booming. If you look for VFX Studios, look none other than them.

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Augmented Reality hits the prayer mat

I was praying at Jusco AU2. And then I saw this


look at the corner pattern. If you are not familiar with that pattern, it is this same pattern

Augmented Reality is indeed the new new new thing that booming. It actually can do more than that. Here’s another video to enlighten you

It’s Layar, the first Augmented Reality browser.

We can’t wait to get a hold on to this technology 😀 But hey, that prayer mat, it is just coincidence lah :p

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How to make a game documentation

Hello guys. this year it’s been too fast for us, or at least it’s just me. It’s just another 3 weeks from this post’s date to the new year 2010. So I guess we should look up to 2010, shall we.

I think you need to make it full screen to read it.

Last week I’ve prepared a Game documentation for a competition submission. So I thought, I can share it to others how we did our documentation. The documentation is about Flash Game and Flash Lite Game for TryMasak.my/Geoflex. In our documentation, what we usually need to explain is the Game Level, Game Rules/Gameplay, Game Instruction ( that involves screenshot ) and User Platform. Do note that this documentation is after the game has been developed. If the game is yet to be developed, it usually involves sketches for example the picture below


We hope the documentation will help you to provide yours too :) Oh yes please visit our client website yah!

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