Interactive: Capitaland 10 Years

Hello all. It’s already March in 2010. How you guys doing? hope you’re doing good as we’re doing good too.

Recently we’ve collaborated with from to accomplish task given, creating interactivity for Capitalan 10 Years Anniversary. The Flash page has touch-screen-alike interactivity, with iPhone-drag alike + horizontal + vertical gesture. It also integrated with XML which will pull all those data of course.

Check out the interactivity at

Wishing all readers a good day! Happy Working.

I wonder how this interactivity react on table 😀 For fuzzyclock, this is all I have to show fuzzyclock rather than a basic readout, my os x menu bar displays the current time in a human readable fashion a

2 Responses to “Interactive: Capitaland 10 Years”

  1. hanep Says:

    smart giler!!!!
    proud that this is Malaysian product

  2. Tekong Says:

    thanks hanep for the support 😀

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