UK Web Host Managed VPS Best Review

Shared hosting is sold as “cPanel Hosting” and doesn’t give you the benefits of different operating systems.However,it’s likely to appeal to users who are happy with cPanel on Linux and want to stick with it. Tsohost makes no secret of the fact that it would rather you signed up for its cloud plans, but there are three plans nonetheless: Lite, Standard and Pro. I had excellent support today from Sergey, one of the senior technical staff, in resolving a complex issue handling php session keys! But this is just one of many times that I have received help from Tsohost in sorting out website issues. Their assistance is invariably good.Absolutely fantastic customer service. I have just added another website and would happily have TsoHost host any site I create in the future. They are always on the phone ready to help, and have just helped me immensely with an internal migration. Deni Svilarova was a fantastic support especially with the final tricky stage which I am hugely grateful for, and all her colleagues who helped me along the way were brilliant too, as the whole team always are when I get in touch for support. Thank you! Ivan Turiiski is a legend! He has managed to patiently guided me to the resolution of all my web and mail-related issues, in less than 10 minutes and with an enormous amount of patience. Great Customer Care! thank you!!Nikola L, & Alex. that work for TSO Host have provided me outstanding support and have gone above and beyond in helping to fix issues with website.

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