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; accupressure; ibuprofen at first sign of aura; reglan with aspirin; avoid red wine; turn off heat in house at night; avoid nightshades; l-arginine; avoid dehydration; apply electric heating pad to lower back; avoid caffeine prior to ocular migraine consume caffeine after ocular migraine to prevent headache; ibuprofen and ice pack across forehead and temples at first signs; stick head in the freezer ice alternative ; advil tylenol, then alternating two until it goes away; small amounts of dark chocolate daily; true elimination diet to identify all food allergens; avoid carmenere grapes red wine; aromatherapy; aspirin with codeine; ayurveda; avoid tyramine; avoid certain beers; eliminate garlic and onions; excedrine migraine and phenergan; avoid onions, has sulfur in them; eliminate citric acid preservative and foods containing it in high amounts lemons, limes, tomatoes, papaya, pineapple ; almogran almotriptan ; avoid constipation; tylenol with codeine alternating with advil; aspirin bomb, several aspirin, crushed in warm water; do not sleep after drinking alcohol; aspirin ibuprofen magnesium caffein; alexander technique; atacand; extra strenght asprin, aleve, acetaminophen, ibuprophen, caffeine 200mg; placing hands and feet into cold water; sumatriptan, vicodin, benadryl taken together at onset of migraine; hot bath with ice pack at base of neck; discontinuing hormone replacement therapy after menopause; hot shower, 2 anacin and 2 fioricet; almogran; smell suck on green apple; i have taken 200mg of celebrex for 2 years and it has reduced my migraines from 3-4 per week to one every 13-17 days; iv magnesium and or iv meyers coctail; afrin; amber contact lenses; breathe in and out of a paper bag at first sign of aura, until aura disappears; injections, myofascial and neural therapy especially sphenopalatine ganglion injection, instant pain relief ; avoid dairy products after dinner yogurt, milk, cheese, etc .

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