About FML

This is a development blog of our Company, We will reveal here the latest research of our company, work in progress, tutorial requested, or anything related with our work. So keep in touch and bookmark our website. We believe in sharing information about technology we know because sharing is simply, caring :)

2 of us, Faisal Arbain and Ikhwan Nazri, sharing the same passion and interest, flash. But that does not limit our ability and creativity to explore other interesting things mainly in multimedia. Faisal use flash and know about asp,php since form 2 and flash made Ikhwan change his interest from science stream during secondary school to multimedia.

Overview of the academic essay the office for polytechni core

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In multimedia university, both of them met and https://www.essaymission.com.au/do-my-assignment/ working as a freelancer and a team. Working as freelancer for various companies have made them aware of how the malaysian market works in multimedia industry.

Flavert Values & Ideology

We, as what we believe, will not work towards project that promotes

  • Gambling
  • Pornography/Adultery
  • Alcoholic products/Liquor
  • Exploiting Woman excessively ( exposing major parts of their body etc  )
  • Tobacco-related products
  • Anything that is prohibited in Islam

We’re really² care about our works delivered to the client. Delivering satisfying product, top quality and also giving the best and excellent solution and consultation regarding the product to our client is the very first priority. And yes, we never think about money, but beautiful things make money.

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