Lightning Talk: Everywhere is your Office – Mobile Office

First – Lightning Talk is a short presentation within 5-10 minutes. Unlike other presentations, lightning talks last only a few minutes and several will usually be delivered in a single period by different speakers. – Okay during BarCamp KL 4-5 April, I’m giving a session entitled “Everywhere is your office – Mobile Office” but the people who coming aren’t that many. The reason why is because other speakers was also delivering great titles like Bytebot and Daniel. Since some people, like Carolyn, Melvin, and others also missed my talk, I’m thinking to recap and shrink my presentation to Lightning Talk Style.

But then, as what Odin said, I’m too draggy. LOL. Whatever, please enjoy my lightning talk :)

Haha picking up a Japanese Girl, I’m so totally off LOL!

To see more lightning talk during Barcamp KL – clicky here.

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Barcamp KL Day 2

So the day starts early as I was sleeping over at INTI College, with fellow barcampers, less than 10-15 people. Some I could recalled are Swee meng, Sharief, Eric, Daniel, Kagesenshi, Ah Hong, and others. Wake up at 8, only to discover the turnover of audience was pretty low, well perhaps because last night ( saturday ) was a rainstorm and people going home and collapse lol. Nonetheless, the nice nasik lemak that morning doesn’t doze me off during the whole morning.

But please enjoy first this video that was created on the night of Day 1 by Backpackr.

Start the morning at 10. I’m listening to Asyraf about Agile Development. Thanks to kamal fariz that gave talk about Agile last 2008, I was able to share the experience of me becoming a bystander to see a growth of Mr CTO/faisal_arbain and odin88. (tweets here). While CTO is programmer by nature and not attended any official courses about programming, and Odin88 is a student of programming, its extremely good to see a combination of two sides, Logic alone doesn’t enough, thanks to Odin88’s assistance for some commenting, and programming, it does help sabau a lot. I’ve blogged about this previously in my personal blog. At the end of the session Asyraf plays an inspiring video from Honda. You can make 1000 fail and 1 succeed.

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BarCamp KL Day 1

So I start the day pretty late coming into silverlight sessions by Kok Chian and another Silverlight developer. I can see the increase of Silverlight portfolios and they also introduce a new format called XBAP with the example can be seen on

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TGV Mobile inside Mobile World!

Assalamualaikum and peace be upon you dear readers.

Well, as the title stated, TGV Mobile made it’s appearance inside Mobile World Magazine #72 under Soft Approach columns written by CH Khaw. Take a look of the pics here.


Well. it’s still not too late to download the apps. It’s free didn’t cost you a penny :) Clicky here.

On the other matters related, this TGV Mobile is just a prototype. It’s a ‘covert operation‘. Inside Flavert, when we state it’s ‘covert operation‘ it means we just play around less than 1-2 weeks to develop this apps and since it’s prototype, we would likely give it less concentration. Currently we’re completing an online store website.

But the key to the facts above is that Flash Lite, is a Rapid Development stuff for us. We don’t need to do any other version of it rather than another framework. Although you might reply me back ‘why is there SIS, NFL, SWF when you distribute?’ For that I say that is packaging matters and still, not a big hassle for us.

That’s all for now. Don’t forget, BarCamp Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia this 4-5 April. See you there :)

P/S: We’ve updated WeddingKami with pricing scheme. Check it out.

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AngPow from us: TGV Mobile

anne000132Assalamualaikum Warahmatullah and Peace be Upon you dear readers and visitors.

As the title stated, I’m glad to tell you that our CTO, faisal arbain, who can’t get enough of ActionScript ( well yeah ) just playing around with Flash Lite and produced a nifty Flash Lite Application = TGV Mobile. For overseas readers, TGV is an acronym for Tanjung Golden Village = a cinema-outlet in Malaysia. I guess you may can guess what sort of functionalities that related to cinema but still, let me enlighten you that this application contains this function below

  1. View ‘Now Showing Movies’ that categorized by language.
  2. View the TGV Cinema branches and see what are the movie that are shown in that cinema by date ( today, till the second-next day )
  3. View synopsis of the movie
  4. One-click-call-booking including all the branches of TGV in Malaysia ( Also covers Tebrau, Seberang Perai, Seremban & Ipoh )
  5. All general info about movie included ( Genre, Language, Showtime, Cast , Director, Runtime )
  6. Another nifty thing: Bytes Loaded Counter ( to keep track of your usage )

Talk about Bytes Loaded Counter, this is the counter to keep track of your KBytes usage. This application will ‘pull’ the info about dates, showtime, synopsis from TGV website and updated weekly.Dude, weekly, it’s weekly I mean you.

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