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screenshot_01-copy.jpgAssalamualaikum Warahmatullah and Peace be Upon You visitors. it’s still not to late to wish Muslims, Happy Eid Ul Fitr :)

On the other hand, I’ve just uploaded one of our old works. We made this Courseware Sample for Medina University. Unlike other coursewares, this is for Online purposes. So, we’re dealing with one critical issues, FILESIZE. Usually, courseware development will include heavy interaction which will be used to enhance students understanding that will make the file more heavier. With sounds, videos, etc. If using CD, all the time it takes to load is at the reading speed of CD/DVD but when it’s online, the bigger the filesize, the longer it takes for the browser to load the courseware or else it will hamper the student concentration to study.

So we develop a framework to keep the filesize smaller but still retain high interactive level for students understanding.  With this framework, even the voiceover can be loaded faster and suitable for online learning environment. All the animation are scripted + plus the tooltips , subtitle for voiceovers, the slider for the user to control the slides, all components are animated for the optimized online learning experience.

We took 5 days to finish this 5 learning objects. Clients only provide us with the storyboard. The Graphic Design/ Flash Interaction / Voice Overs are our task to complete. Since this was a sample for them, we only complete a part of their interactivity question. This is an English Language Proficiency subject. If we’re to develop Physics Courseware, it will took longer as Physics is a more interactive subject to began with.

Click here to view the works

Although we didn’t get the job because of several reasons, we heard that this sample we’ve developed has become a benchmark for other companies to follow 😉

Framework Developed by = Faisal Arba’in
Content Creation & Animation by = Ikhwan Nazri
Graphic Design by = Siti Allia Idha
Voice Over by = Nirpad Gurung

We have another excellent sample of coursewares that we’ve developed. I’ll upload it and blog about it later on.

P/S: i know there’s a spelling error. but since we didn’t get the job, no point on correcting it although we’re perfectionist :p

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Ride The Wave – Adobe Education Leadership Forum, Malaysia

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Apa sudah jadi dengan Flash?

Beberapa minggu lepas, semasa makan tengahari di Terminal Cyberjaya, saya dan sabau berkesempatan lunch bersama-sama KerisMelayu, salah seorang programmer. Dulu kenal kat forum sifoo. Sekarang beliau bekerja di MDeC. jadi masa makan tengahari tu, perbualan biasa kitorang hari hari bertukar kepada isu-isu antara programmer. Antara isu yang timbul adalah Flex dan juga Flash. Flex boleh create swf file tetapi limited pada programmer. Flash pula, memberikan peluang pada designer untuk membuat applikasi² artistik.

tetapi sejak kemunculan ActionScript 3, Flasher² yang bukan core programmer tersangkut. OOP adalah satu benda yang baru. Creative designer yang selama ini bermain dengan Flash dengan hanya mengubah dan memanipulasi sedikit code ActionScript 2 akan ketinggalan.

petikan dari Corban Baxter

Why are we making it more difficult for non programmers to pick up actionscript and play with it? It used to be so easy for many types of designers/developers to open flash and instantly get a lot out of it. It seems like you have wanted to cater to the few that bitched about actionscripts non traditional programming format and not to the designers turned developers. Now we have gone into the AS3 days where we can’t code on buttons (which is fine for me but maybe hard for others) and we can hardly code on the timeline for that matter. We are needing to start hiring engineers almost to develop flash sites now because its become so complicated to understand this new programming language. I mean this is what made flash so amazing in the past. I went to art school and got a job doing flash. And in two years I could code great sites and simple games. Now I am able to do about anything in AS2 but moving to AS3 has been a huge leap cause OOP is a completely new concept. And I think it is for MANY non traditional developers and developers wanting to pickup a product like flash WAS.

sumber : Blog.projectx4

Saya agak sedikit kecuakan gak. dah tengok AS3. agak memerlukan masa untuk migrate dan memahami. tapi melihat pada pattern sejak Flash 5, mungkin masih ada harapan buat designer untuk berkarya dan melakukan applikasi setanding programmer. ini teorinya

  • Flash 5 = masa mula mula memandai usik. Action Script 1.0
  • Flash 6 ( Flash MX ) = Interface baru.
  • Flash 7 ( Flash MX 2004 ) = Kemunculan Action Script 2.0
  • Flash 8 = Filter muncul. Flash Video Encoder. Juga Device Central
  • Flash 9 ( CS3 ) = Action Script 3.0 diperkenalkan

Jap lihat semula. tengok baik baik.

  • Flash 5 = designer
  • Flash 6 ( Flash MX ) = designer
  • Flash 7 ( Flash MX 2004 ) = programmer base sket.. dengan adenye AS2.
  • Flash 8 = designer
  • Flash 9 ( CS3 ) = programmer
  • Flash 10 ( CS4) === designer???

So Flash CS4 mungkin untuk designer. Berikut adalah petikan dari blog Lee Brimelow.

Now back to the question. Flash CS4 is clearly aimed at the interactive designer crowd and will contain such things as a completely revamped timeline and a brand new animation engine. All I can say is that auto-keyframing is finally here! Adobe has demoed a lot the new features at conferences such as MAX and FITC so I won’t rehash everything here. But if you are a designer, Flash CS4 will blow your mind.

sumber: The Flash Blog

Masa tu.. flow kerja akan bertambah² efektif… kot. Apa komen anda? Tapi satu yang saya tahu. Flash ini tiada penghujungnya. Semakin lama semakin menarik. Kalau Developer ade Flex, Designer ade Thermo. Ada apa dengan thermo tuu?

Sekadar pendapat seorang yang berada diantara developer dan designer

Tekong @ Ikhwan Nazri

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Agile Talk & kelas Ruby on Rails


Khamis lepas kan ade talk pasal Agile Development Methodology yang disampaikan oleh Mr Kamal dari Ruby on Rails Sdn Bhd. Masa mula mula masuk, menganga gak sebab saya bukan dari background programming sangat. Tapi nasib baik bawak PSP, sempat gak la berwikipedia dalam talk tu, check istilah istilah yg digunakan. Antara istilah yang digunakan adalah “Waterfall Model“, dimana ia akan mengumpulkan keseluruhan resource, sumber, dan kemudian give it all one go. ( ape yg saya faham la ).”see as a big picture”.

Priority Release Planning

tapi berkenaan Agile Development, konsepnye mereka akan pecahkan kerja yang akan dibuat kepada pecahan kecil yang dipanggil iteration. so pelaksanaan iteration ini akan disusun mengikut priority. kira ada release planning. contohnye kalau buat satu framework, dia akan list out fungsi mana yang patut ada dahulu, fungsi kedua yang berkait rapat ngan fungsi pertama, dan seterusnye.. macam bercabang. macam pokok… daripada pokok tu, nnt keluar dahan² besar, kemudian dahan² kecil. so release deadline dia disusun mengikut priority.

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Agile Development Talk

Ni ade satu talk. talk ini berkenaan kalau korang nak mempercepatkan pengeluaran hasil project korang. tak kisah la korang programmer ker designer ker atau student yg sedang bertungkus-lumus dan lemas membuat final year project, ataupun korang adalah salah seorang yg terlibat dlm pembangunan ni, ha meh la datang. terbuka kepada sesiapa sahaja yang berazam untuk tidak membuang masa dan ingin memendekkan tempoh kerja korang.


ape itu agile methodology.. ia adalah prinsip pelaksanaan yang akan membantu anda

  1. Memastikan projek/kerja rumah/kerja sekolah/ ape ape kerja la siap tepat pada waktunya
  2. merancang perlaksanaan projek/kerja dan juga merancang utk perlaksanaan selanjutnya
  3. menguruskan ‘stakeholders dlm projek yang mana mereka mungkin bukan programmer/designer dll
  4. ia juga merangkumi bukan sahaja dlm pengaturcaraan software, tetapi termasuk creative content development.

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( kitorang pun tak pasti sangat amende ni.. jom tengok. jumpe disana lepas solat maghrib ya 😀 )

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